Steemit Open Mic 127 - Weather (Molly Parden Cover ) @jubei333

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Greetings Steemian Open Mic Crew!

This is my entry for this weeks open mic

These last few days Ive been playing around with a song called Weather by Molly Parden.

As always thanks for reading my post and watching my videos and thanks to everyone who makes this competition possible each week.

(Updated 3/5/19 - Here is a link to an exclusive Dtube video where I brake down the song in the first episode of a series im calling Jubei's Jam's -!/v/jubei333/xywvgjas )

Molly Parden

I've been watching the weather where you are
To see where it is that you're taking my heart
I've been praying that you haven't lost it yet
‘Cause it's times like these I don't want to forget

I could never understand
I'd have to ask him again and again
And I'd ask him again
It was out of my hands
I'd have to ask him again and again
And I'd ask him again

I've been watching for the tiniest warning signs
And I'm afraid they might be right
I've been praying for a tell-tale sign
So I can keep you there in the back of my mind
I'll keep you there in the back of my mind

I could never understand
I'd have to ask him again and again
And I'd ask him again
It was out of my hands
I'd have to ask him again and again
And I'd ask him again

You're with me again
Rain ribbons washing the floor of my room
Before A.M

I can feel you again
Holding the pieces together
The give and let go in the end

Holding the pieces together
The give and let go in the end

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So I shall be reacting to this live as I listen... So let's get ready at three... two... one... GO!

So hitting us straight with the fingering/playing of the guitar, which I must say they were strung quite nicely. To which we get the singing, which I must say the singing is quite deep and nice. Most of the time, I must say yah managed to syncrhonize the singing with the fingering/playing of the guitar. Especially when yah draw out words and it's just so god dang mesmorizing (more for nostalgic reasons actually that I say this, than actually pure talent, talent reasons). Unto the lyrics: feels much like a religious-moody song, much of the concerns/anxiety of the person in the story of the lyrics feeling very real and of course nice metaphor worked in there. (Yes I know this is a cover, it still needs to be talked about regardless.) Oh, heard that sharp guitar string yelping, didn't felt nice to hear that. No sir ree! Otherwise, nice playing and congratulations on getting that @curie upvote!

Unto the video itself: it feels like a trend I keep seeing is that moody songs always get Black&White (B&W) filters, just videos on the Steemit Social Media platform with music getting B&W like it's god dang Christmas and everyone should be doing it! Not a complaint, just a mental folly I just have upon seeing so many videos with B&W that makes this not funny. Are we experiencing a nostalgia resurgance that'll die down or is this how the Steemit platform wishes to culturally distinct itself from, say, YouTube and Twitter and the what nots? Who knows, not me. I at least wasn't the person who sold the World!

So keep on playing and happy steeming!


Wow thanks for taking the time to write such a thoughtful comment!

I have this bad habit of recording songs to soon after Ive learned them.I had learned this song the day before recording the video and should have probably taken an extra day or 2 to smooth out the guitar part.

If you check the version of the song I play in the guitar lesson I think its alot smoother ,this was recorded the day after the open mic vid.

As for the black and white thing I just think I look sexier in black and white :)


Welcome for the comment! ~^^~
Damno mango, at least yah spent some time practicing!
Well, I’ll give a check when I can now~
And d’aw~
Well thanks for sharing this piece of music with us~

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I knew nothing about Molly Parden before listening to your song, so I went to YouTube to check the original song. It's a beautiful song and you gave it a whole new interpretation. I like your version as well, great job,congratulations!


Thanks alot for the feedback!Im encoding a video right now breaking down the song in a guitar lesson for Dtube.Its a fun song and the chord progression is relatively easy to pickup.

hi @ jubei333
I envy a lot of people who, as you say, have the talent to play with the songs, interpret them, change them and give them a personal touch! Good job. Congratulations and thanks for sharing with us


Thanks for your feedback!This song is actually pretty easy to pick up....Ive just uploaded an exclusive Dtube video tutorial for it you might find it interesting.Here is the link...!/v/jubei333/xywvgjas