Steemit open mic week 46- Fine (original song)

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Hey everyone! Here's my submission for this open mic week. @melodyrussell and I were playing some acoustics and decided we should record something together for you all since we haven't recently. This is one of my originals and I hope you dig it!

My improvised phone stand since I don't have a real one, and deer sheds are aplenty here!


If you like our stuff please follow @melodyrussell and I for more music and random whatnots, cheers!


I'm glad you dig it! And thank you guys again for the opportunity.

Hauntingly good guitar sound. 👏👏 Thanks for sharing guys.

I'm glad you liked it! Thank you for the kind words :)

very good guys! :D

Thank you :)

Sounds awesome guys!!! Keep rocking!!! I love it!

Very cool

This is great. Love the chord progression and harmonies - in a few places I was getting an Alice in Chains vibe when the melody hit an unexpected but awesome and dark and shimmery interval. I can tell you guys have strummed the guitars together a few times :) Followed you both - looking forward to hearing more music from you! This is my first week entering the open mic contest and I am loving all the great music. Cheers - Carl

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Thank you for being awesome!

Read it here.

Oh I like this. Got to it too late though. Nice entry guys, I'll stay tuned for a next 1.

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