Open mic week 42 - original song - Anything

in #openmic3 years ago (edited)

Hey everyone! Here's my submission for this open mic week. It's an original song called Anything, and it has a little back story. A few years back some friends and I were playing acoustics at a get together and I couldn't think of what to play. So I asked what we should do and @melodyrussell 's sister Jessica says play anything (a response I've heard a million times lol), I put some thought to it and a week or so later Anything was born, for anytime someone says "play anything". So without further ado, here's my song for the week!

Hope you all liked it, if you did please follow me for more music and random posts!

Sidenote, if you listen real hard you can hear our 9 month old Jackson playing along with his little drum toy. Cheers!!


Yay! Sounds awesome, as always! And you get that response pretty often when you ask people what they want you to play, eh? Good thing you wrote a song about it! :)

Thanks Mel! Glad you liked it, I was apprehensive about posting it, I kept fucking up lol. It's definitely came in handy ;) like every time we all play music together. Probably one if the more useful things I've wrote haha.

Nice. Upped and followed :)

After awhile you'd think she would quit saying anything and just pick one lol

Has it ever been that easy?! Lol. Every time we all get together at least one person says "just play anything!". Luckily, I can respond accordingly lol.

Like it. Nice power in the strum, man.

I'm glad you dig it, much appreciated! Thanks for the compliment, I try my best.

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Good song!
I see you play the guitar upside down. :-)

Thank you! And yeah :) I'm ambidextrous and my first guitar was a righty, I guess I was more comfortable left-handed and nobody corrected for a long time lol. So here I am 13 years later backwards as always, haha.

It must have been interesting learning how to play the chords backwards. I see you use your thumb on the open G chord.

I was never able to learn guitar from him since he was upside down and i couldn't follow his fingers because of things like using a thumb in a G.
This kid's one of the best musicians I've ever met.

It was a challenge for sure, but I never knew any better so I suppose I felt like it was just part of the process lol. Some chords were easier, some a pain in the ass, reading tabs and following others is like looking in a mirror. I definitely use my thumb often haha.

nice vlog john! do you have an official website? I am following you now!

I do not have an official website of my own as of right now, however one of our bands has a page on Facebook if you would like to check out some of our music Thank you for following, and sorry it took so long to respond! I missed your comment somehow.

Great upside down playing John! I dig it! Followed you!

Thank you! Glad you like it, following you as well!

Dude this was awesome! That opening riff was really cool. And you are one of only two people I've ever witnessed playing a standard guitar left handed lol. It blows my mind trying to imagine how hard that must have been to get started.

Hey thanks man! I appreciate the kind words, and am glad you enjoyed it. I just picked it up that way, and nobody told me it was backwards until it was to late lol. I never really realized the difficulty until I started playing with others, then it was mostly learning how to follow backwards. It's kind of weird how it works though, some chords like D and G were more difficult to learn where F was relatively easy and bar chords feel natural.

Cool tune, you're one hell of a player :)

Thanks so much!! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

Nice picking. You sound really good. Thanks for playing for us @johnbutler

Glad you dig it! Thanks again for the opportunity!

That is really cool

Wicked, glad you enjoyed it!

Nice John. I always struggle a bit watching a lefty, I'm thinking what chord is that, it's a bit like reading upside down. I'm sure it's not like that for you, I remember showing left handed people how I play something and they seem to find it really easy the other way around. Anyway, nice track. Got my vote and follow:)

Hey, thank you! If it helps any, it's a right handed guitar so I guess a person would call it playing ambidextrous? Lol. I'd say it's about like me following righties, certain chords are easier, some difficult as all get out. Glad you enjoyed it, following you as well!

This is a fucking outstanding song, my friend. Well done.

Thanks Jesso!!! It took me awhile to decide on this one lol, but it makes me happy that it's gone over so well.

Great song, great playing. Good luck this week Brother.

Thanks man! It makes me really happy people are digging what I do, cheers!

Dude, I listened to this on my way to Missouri last night. It is seriously one of my favorite songs. There is a reason why I would always ask you to play it.

YESSSSS! This song is amazing. Your style is awesome and you always write such great songs with sweet catchy lyrics. It was a pleasure to play music with you this past weekend, sir.

I really enjoyed this! Loved the beginning, and you've got a great voice.

Awesome! I'm really glad you dig it, I've always been nervous about my voice lol.

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