Steemit Open Mic Week 100 - "Gone" - [Original Song Demo] - jaybird

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I'm deeply ashamed that I've missed so many openmics as of late. With the exception of a few SteemBirds tunes, it feels like i haven't contributed in far too long!

I've been singing and playing guitar quite a lot lately, however it's been mostly learning covers and practicing for live shows. I actually haven't written....well finished an original song (until now) in several months.

However, I saw week 100 and I figured this was as good a time as any to force myself back into writing original songs and make an entry! is a rough demo of "Gone." funny thing, as soon as I recorded this, I started writing another song in the shower lol. just goes to show you, that you need momentum with anything you do and that "...there aint nothing to it but to do it."



V1: Oh I’ve been down this road
I’ve seen all the signs
All clear ahead but not sure
We’ll cross the line

What I’m offering
You’ll look back in time
Smile and say my name
Then go on with your life/lies

PRE: At the grind again
Been at it all night
Don’t let us slip away
Not tonight

Fight to stay awake
We’re up until the light
Trying to break fate
Feel it right x2

CH: Before it’s gone gone long gone
Now we have the chance to find love
Before it’s gone gone long gone
Now we have a chance to find love
Before it’s gone x3

V2: Holding on tonight
Trying to break the day
Somewhere along the lines
Mmm thought we’d find our way

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Hi jaybird,

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Wow thanks guys, u sure know how to make a musician feel appreciated.

Always value the curation wk that curie has done and continues to do for content creators!

Fuckin' "A," Jay...
It's about frickin' time dude...
Well, I have to say, it was worth the wait, brother...
Awesome tune and performance, brother...

PS... there is just one week left to participate in the 2-year Open-Mic Anniversary Mashup, bro... There's always a spot for you and Dan! Just ping me on discord, and we'll hook you guys up with all the particulars...

Thanks brother p. Appreciate the kind words. “I’ve been away for too long..”

& i didn’t realize u were so far along with the openmic comp. what still needs to be done? Next week is the deadline?

Hey Jay... You're welcome, bro - that is one bad-ass tune, man!
What we have left is a ton of vocals of every stripe - from lead to back-up, to harmonies etc... If you've got the time (Dan too) and you think it would be fun to belt out a couple of vocal takes - that would be awesome!

is there a post with what needs to be done and link to the recording trk?

I’ll see if i can help. Have a very busy couple weeks up ahead :/

No worries, Jaybird - brother... We got it all under control, bro... I just figured I'd offer you guys the chance at participating if you thought it would fit into your respective schedules, and be a fun thing to do...
Much love, bro!

Brilliant Jay, I really like that walk up from a b c d. Great to see ya again ;9)

Hey thanks! Ya i really like that paet too. It’s a nice change from the rest iof the tune :)

Great song @jaybird! Missed you man. You're going to Steemfest, right?


Want to go to SteemFest this year?

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Thanks mon, ya I've been thinkin' bout OM, just had nothing to submit lol.

I believe that I'll be there :)

Cool man. It will be good to see you again.

Totally :)

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Excellent, thanks so much!

@jaybird loved your song man.Dont feel regret that you started late.You are doing great in this field.keep sharing.

No regrets now that i got this 1 in :)

Hey @jaybird 😀✌️. I can’t believe it...

You not only make the hottest sandwiches, you can also sing great! Fantastic performance buddy 👍 so well deserved up from curie here 👌

I took yesterday a look at the steemfest2 aftermovie, It looks like you also had performed there, could this be? 😀

Greetings to my chef and singer ;-)

haha, thanks @avizor. Ya this is how I started on Steemit. Writing tunes and entering OpenMic almost every week :) I'm very grateful for that Contest!

And yea, totally, The SteemBirds performed at the Conference too. IT ws so much fun!

@jaybirtd It's never too late, my friend. Your voice is beautiful. You sing great with your sweet voice. The lyrics to this beautiful song composed by you are adorable. I really like it when in the lyrics of the song you say smile and say my name. That part's too cute and romantic. Successes in the contest openmic.

We just need to start moving and when we do it will be easier to keep going. I am glad you gave yourself the push you need to finish writing the song and putting it up here.

That's a beautiful song, with great message. I think I love the chorus more, its been ringing through my mind since after listening to it. We really should find love before its too late...

Nice job Jay. 👊😎

Re showers: It would actually be irresponsible if I didn't now take the time to share the following....

If you're in public and want to capture that great shower sound, do not despair....simply take the shower with you. Total game changer.

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