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RE: Steemit Open Mic Is About Building A Community Of Musicians On Steemit, Not About Winning

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Man, you always tackle these issues with the correct tone and logical reasoning.

When i think of Steemit, i also think of openmic as i have never known a steemit without it. I also believe it is largely at the centre of this budding music community and deserves respectful support from everyone who engages in it.

Too bad about the sudden delgation retracts, however as u said. We were lucky to have had it...i mean all of us!

Much love and respect to you my man and the toality of the openmic team who do not get enough praise and recognition for their tireless and selfless efforts.

Not just anyone would be able to do what you guys n gals do. I sure as fuck couldn’t! I’d probably lose my mind ;)


I'm starting to appreciate why Simon Cowell can be such a dick sometimes. - @luzcypher


If I Was A Judge - by the @steembirds

ha, I hear ya. I can only imagine what you deal with.

Haha i see u caught that afterall ;)

lol... haha what an odd picture

hahaha i was saying just the other day im starting to feel like I appreciate simon cowell way more. lol