RE: Steemit Openmic Wk 110 - 'Born on a Mountain' by @basilmarples [COVERED by @sazzler]

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Steemit Openmic Wk 110 - 'Born on a Mountain' by @basilmarples [COVERED by @sazzler]

in openmic •  9 months ago 

i love this song! and i wanna say thank you for you comment on my LSD Christmas Movie reviews!!

i think it would be cool if you could start like a chane letter of you could subscribe to a set of post or something. i don't know just a way to follow but i guess we would neem mailboxes then,,, i dont know. i spend hours thinking about this steemit stuff. i like your voice much!

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Aw thanks- this is my cover of a song by @basilmarples who left the comment on your post °•☆

well i am all sorts of silly confused and or but i love it! great song and great job with it! i will check out @basilmarmles and see what he or she is all about! happy music making and happy steeming!!