SteemIt Open Mic Week 42 -- Everything is One (original) by Happy Om

in #openmic3 years ago (edited)

Hey Steem! Here's my favorite original song on my Electric Ukulele, recorded finally just for you!

Lyrics are below the video, and they pretty much speak for themselves. If we can really tune in to the unity of all life, we can find peace and build a much happier world. Enjoy!

Sending thanks and love to Lele Power Ukes and Lasers and Lights for my beautiful bedroom lighting effects.

Everything is One Lyrics

Everything is One
Illusions pass away
all that we can see will someday fade
Everything is one, great spirit lives in all
the truth of unity is ringing
listen for its call

Life is filled with such variety
even just in our society
some thriving striving righteously for piety
others struggling just to know sobriety

Its easy to judge and cast our verdicts on that which we label bad
its easy to focus on problems we see and let them make us mad
but we can't have a box of crayons without the black and grey
I hope we can see the perfection in all things one day


There seems to be a you a me a he a she a they a we
there's age and race and sex religion, nationality
but can we look beneath the surface
certainly there must be lurking
some great truth of shared roots emerging as our humanitree

The barks not seperate from the tree,
all these fingers count as me
there's no unique identity
we're not all different things
Aaaalllllll that is alive has one Great Spirit that lives inside
can we finally stop clinging onto these ME's
and let go of suffering


Recorded for


My favorite too. Iconic. And so true.
Love this nice video environment.

Please read the rules carefully to qualify for prizes on Steemit Open Mic . Thanks for playing.

Right on, yeah, I had no idea; scrolling through the tag and watching a few videos did not make it evident to me how it worked. I was waiting for some sign of the first people to make the week change and look closely for standards from there. I did record my original just for this openmic, but I didn't know I had to say the words, I thought I could reuse the video more easily if I didn't. But now I see the extra point of driving more traffic and music here by including the verbal announcement at the beginning. I'm in, and excited, but there's certainly a lot of great acts and I don't want to feel so much like I'm "competing" ... but maybe it doesn't hurt to play such a fun game by the rules :-) Thanks for all you're doing!

Title changed, and rules post Upvoted, re-steemed, and sharing on facebook to bait more folks :-)

I would guess that you prefer that only proper entries use the tag, yes? There's no way to throw extra content with the open mic tag and not have it disqualify you that week? I would imagine.... Meaning that the other videos I had planned to tag openmic soon should just get tagged music and whatnot since they are not recorded with the words open mic week x spoken...
Thanks for "hosting" and confirming. :-)

Yes, the openmic tag is for people entering the Steemit Open Mic contest.

I'm joining your sangha, @happyom, if you don't mind ;) I've read through some of your posts and comments, and I like the way you take the time to respond to people's posts. My girlfriend brought back a uke from Thailand recently, so maybe we can do a duet once I get my chops down ((((OM))))

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Wow, Nice! Thanks! Following and staying tuned in to what you find thats good out there :-) Not sure I understand the relationship between the bot and the main account, could be good to learn about. And also curious which webplatform you are using, since I don't think that level of vote power adjustment is available on that main engines. May I prove to be pleasant entertainment, potent inspiration, or both :-D

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