You’re welcome @etemi, I think… I say, “I think” only because the phrase “oh yeah, right” at least in the US anyway, is typically associated with extreme sarcasm, distrust, and a general stance of blanket disdain and intimidation. In any case, unless you reveal to me otherwise, I shall assume that your comment was left with the purest of intentions. Thank you!

Lmfao! Well i think i may want to agree with you anyway am not in the US at least, i am just nodding my head and kinda excited that you enjoyed my song this week anyway.. I think i have stayed in the open mic community enough to understand what genre of music you enjoy listening to... If am not mistaken my mind might be playing tricks on me. I seldom even get on this list i am todayz of people whom you enjoyed. So why i used the phrase i was smiling while i did say that though... Am sorry if it came across to you that way but absolutely not what i meant when i said it, you know while typing alot of misinterpretations can be gotten compared to oral communication.

Much love, @etemi, that's exactly what I suspected, however, now I am 100% certain. Thank you for your patience and grace, and profoundly beautiful voice! .xxx

Smiles! Alright then. Thanks also for your patience in giving me a listening ear. Btw i am feeling sad was making a post and then posted it and part of it had disappeared had been writing it for hours.😫😫😫😫.. Its all good though.. Yeah and Thanks for the compliment too... Much love!