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RE: Steemit Open Mic Week 71 - Record Your Performance And Win Steem - Sponsored By @pfunk And @luzcypher

in #openmic5 years ago

Here is my entry for this week's #openmic competition.

Thanks for putting on this contest @luzcypher!



Aw thanks @neeqi! Right back at you!

Number 8 phan here! Coz reasons ^^

This guy...this guy is amazing.

Thanks, Capn! Looking forward to seeing you enter in a few weeks!

You are the men.

Thank you my friend @sergiomendes !

You're welcome. Always a pleasure.

You are incredible

Aw shucks, my friend! Thanks! Can't wait to see you here on the openmic soon :)

that is literally my dream one day

I'm his biggest fan :)

Ok ok. :) Thanks!

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