Steemit open mic, week 44 - "Lorenzo", original composition

in #openmic4 years ago (edited)

Dear Steemians

This is my entry for this week's open mic.
I composed this music for a very special person.
Please listen and enjoy!

Thank you @luzcypher and @pfunk for organising and sponsoring this open mic music contest.


Very nice. Great to hear from other fingerstyle musicians. Upped. Thanks for voting on my Open Mic entry. If your followers are interested in checking it out, they can find it here:

I look forward to your future posts :)

I respect all those Steemians who submit both covers and original material to the open mic event and I have pitched in with both in the short time I have been taking to the open mic stage. However, I have an extra place in my heart for those who perform original material even if it is not a genre I am particularly familiar with and this just one such piece. Well done Donatello, I thoroughly enjoyed your contribution and it made me want to listen again and again!

Thank you for the nice comment!
I listened to your song and I really like it.
Upvoted of course!

Very nice! I'm a fan of finger picking guitar. :-)
A lovely composition!

Thank you so much!

That was great stuff donatello. I was lost in a dream somewhere. Why did you name the piece "Lorenzo" if i may ask. Fantastic composition.Keep the music alive.
Peace and love !!!

Thank you so much! I will listen to your other songs.
The special person, @mikeylorenzo.

great fingerstyle piece. I enjoyed it very much .

Thank you Mike!

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Lorenzo your boy?

Makes the song that much better man.

Yes, definitely.

Thank you for playing Steemit Open Mic. Nice playing.

Thank you so much for watching the video!

Beautiful song. Great job.

Thank you so much!

Beautiful composition

Thank you so much Oliver!

Happy to have heard this, thanks for sharing original music! Following.

Glad you liked it. Thank you for leaving a comment.

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