Steemit Open Mic Week 102 - Dicitencello vuje by Fusco and Falvo - Cover

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Dear music lovers

This is my contribution to this week's open mic.
This song is one of my favourite Neapolitan songs. I have a bit of a cold but it works with the song.
I hope you like my rendition.

Please read if you like to know more about this song.


Dicitencello vuje

Dicitencello a 'sta cumpagna vosta
ch'aggio perduto 'o suonno e 'a fantasia,
ch' 'a penzo sempe,
ch'è tutt' 'a vita mia.
I' nce 'o vvulesse dicere,
ma nun ce 'o ssaccio dí.

'A voglio bene,
'a voglio bene assaje.
Dicitencello vuje
ca nun mm' 'a scordo maje.
E' na passione,
cchiù forte 'e na catena,
ca mme turmenta ll'anema
e nun mme fa campá.

Dicitencello ch'è na rosa 'e Maggio,
ch'è assaje cchiù bella 'e na jurnata 'e sole.
Da 'a vocca soja,
cchiù fresca d' 'e vviole,
i' giá vulesse sèntere
ch'è 'nnammurata 'e me.


Na lácrema lucente v'è caduta,
dicíteme nu poco, a che penzate?
Cu st'uocchie doce,
vuje sola mme guardate.
Levámmoce 'sta maschera,
dicimmo 'a veritá.

Te voglio bene,
te voglio bene assaje.
Si' ttu chesta catena
ca nun se spezza maje.
Suonno gentile,
suspiro mio carnale,
te cerco comm'a ll'aria,
te voglio pe' campá.

English translation

You tell her this

Tell it to her, to this friend of yours
that I lost my sleep and my thoughts,
that I'm always thinking of her
that she’s my whole life,
and there’s something I’d like to tell her myself
but I don't know how to tell her

I love her a lot,
I love her more than a lot.
You tell her this
I won’t ever forget her,
she’s a passion,
stronger than a chain
that torments my soul
and doesn’t let me live

Tell her that she’s a rose of May,
that is much more beautiful than a sunny day.
From her lips
that are fresher than violets
I still want to hear
That she’s in love with me


A glistening teardrop is about to fall,
tell me for a moment, who do you think of?
With such sweet eyes
thyself alone is staring at me.
Let’s do away with these masks
let us speak the truth

I love you a lot,
I love you more than a lot.
It’s you this chain
that will not ever break.
Gentle dream
my flesh is yearning for,
I seek after you like the air,
I need you in order to live

A big thank you to @luzcypher, @pfunk, all the judges for organising such a great music event and other sponsors for their support.

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