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RE: Steemit Open Mic Is About Building A Community Of Musicians On Steemit, Not About Winning

in #openmic4 years ago (edited)

Brilliant post.
I always liked the open mic since I joined it for the first time.
The fact that I've never won makes me like the whole experience even more.
Why is that? Whatever I play, either it's an original music or cover, is aimed at any music lover. I do not expect to win with my entries since not everybody perhaps likes the genres that I play.
The point is that I'm here to enjoy myself, of course to entertain other music lovers but most of all to participate since I could sing and play my guitar for family and friends anytime I want.


Beautifully said, my paisano! I've never won either, but that never stopped me from lovin' the Open-Mic! :-)

Well, I didn't know that but you are a super judge now.
BTW I like and respect all judges.
@passion-ground, thank you for the nice comment!

I've never won either.

I like that. I feel better now knowing that I'm not the only one.
Thank you always for supporting us!

I think you should dust that guitar down and knock out a few tunes man!
We'd all like to hear that! failing that, I'll have a jam with you at the next steemfest!

Awesome, brother! I remember similar clips such as this that you slipped in here and there... You got some really good chops, Luz! I think it's time for an "unofficial" entry, man! Bring it on, brother!

I'll have to upvote this now won't I mate? we wouldn't want you ranting about that measly $0.15 now would we? lol!!!!!
Hey, nice chops right there though brother @luzcypher! I feel my vocals warming up already!
Do you have any lyrics in mind?
We'll talk some more about this collab project very soon man!
I'm sure @passion-ground will add some flavour to the recipe!
Maybe we'll even make $100!!! ha ha ha ha!!


Don't have any lyrics. Go for it!

Sweet.....looks like a nice exotic kind of wood used on the guitar too

Well, how novel a thought is that! (lol) I think we'd have to take some cues from @benleemusic as to how best to go about collaborating in a meaningful way. :-) Thanks, brother!

Well up for this brother P!! Let's talk some more soon!

That would be fun playing with @benleemusic or doing duets with some of the musicians on Open Mic.

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