Steemit Openmic Week 98 - Hang The Prophet - Covered by Davood Faramarzi (@Davidfar)

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Hi, Openmic and Steemians!!

Here is a song which I remembered from months ago. (There was a video by @clintjunior where he was playing in a bar and singing this song.) When I heard it, it made me feel great as I like that kind of Vocals.

Unfortunately, it seems like he is not here anymore, and I haven't heard any news from him. His last post was about 6 months ago. I hope he is doing well. And it would be great if he could hear my cover.

To sing this song, I checked his steemit account and found lyrics from a paper he posted there in an old Steemit Openmic (week 47).

Covered by Davood Faramarzi aka @Davidfar

I like Grunge music, and this song seems grunge to me by the way he was singing and performing it with his acoustic guitar. I also wanted to play it with my acoustic guitar, but I decided to play it all with my electric guitar. I changed some melodies. (For example, in vocal chorus a little changes). And also added distortion and an ending solo for this song. I tried to do it in my way. I hope you guys like it!

I want to thanks the Openmic Team and sponsors :D <3

Lyrics :

We are the Orphan Children of a Truth long Gone
Mothered by nature, Fathered by a bomb.
We lost our history, we lost our tongue.
God only knows where we all come from.
We are the lost souls of a million tribes.
Shakeled and tied up in Nine-to-fives
Swallowed by empire, we serve the hive
That stands on the shoulders of genocide.

They hang the prophet, they hail the thief.
They fill our hearts with their own beliefs.
All in their tablies and broad deceits.
But I, Don't believe anymore!

They know our desires and they know our fears
Designed and refined over years and years.
your mind's eye blinded by a thousand beers.
Fills up a chalice of ancestral tears.
Money can't buy freedom. they need your soul.
They'll feed you, then bleed you and leave you cold.
These are the terms of their soul control.
Do you see through the lie that we all been sold?

They hang ....

Writen by : @clintjunior

Peace and Love everyone! <3


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This sounds really great! You definitely sing this rock and grunge style very well 😏
I followed you to keep up with the music you share and I hope to hear more soon!

Thank you so much, it was a pleasure, nice to meet you here, I will check your songs too, followed you too :D

Sounds great brotha! You were right and this sounded very grunge to me and you nailed it <3

Thank you so much bro <3

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Thank you so much @phoenixwren :D <3

WOW I love both your performance and the lyrics! So powerful!! 😃

Thank you so much phoenixwren :)) it's my pleasure!

You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

We lost our history, we lost our tounge.
It should be tongue instead of tounge.

Thanks for mentioning, I typed it again