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RE: Steemit Open Mic Week 87 - Record Your Performance And Win Steem - Sponsored By @pfunk And @luzcypher

in #openmic3 years ago

Hi @luzcypher
Back in the swing of things after working on tracks for my up coming EP.
Here's a different approach from me this week.
I hope you all enjoy it.


Wow, mind blown!
Excellent song Darren, I would buy that EP.
I'm hearing Levon Helm and the boys in the Band, is that one of your influences?
Anyhow, Great Job!

@wethepatsies Hey there! Thanks for your awesome comment!!! I can't say I'm a fan of Levon Helm!
Cheers for watching and listening!

Great to see you've stuck at it with regular content! I need to do the same.

Did you ever look into whether he was wrong or not?

Hi Sam! Long time no see mate! Who was wrong it not chap? I don't follow?

Sorry that didn't make much sense - I meant whether the guitar cost 15,000, whether he was wrong or not!

Great voice and solo! Really good job!
The sound is clear, really nice recording!😉

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