Steemit Open Mic Week # 92 // Behind These Hazel Eyes by Kelly Clarkson (Piano Cover)

in openmic •  5 months ago

Hi Friends!

As a soprano, there aren't too many songs that I need to move into my falsetto range to hit. Kelly does a lot of octave work in this song - and so instead of doing layered harmony, I mostly focused on that. Boy that girl can hit a high register though!!

These old school Kelly songs were seriously my anthem in middle/high school - and so check out the video for a little snapshot of 14 year old Lea. haha

Big thanks to @luzcypher for hosting open-mic and for all of the awesome judges who take the time to listen to the hundreds of entries they receive each week!

Thank you so much for listening and I hope you enjoy this cover!

XO, Lea


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Beautiful voice. So cool to hear the harmonies.


Thank you @luzcypher! I’m glad you enjoyed my cover this week. 😃

You live in bellingham! I live in Seattle. I am not a big country fan, I'm just excited to meet folks that are in virtually the same neighborhood as me in the big ol' cryptouniverse.


Great to meet you!! It's always nice to connect with a local. I feel like there aren't too many of us in this area. @arbitrarykitten and @offoodandart are both Seattle area too. :)

I see you just joined the platform recently - if you ever have questions about Steemit, don't hesitate to reach out! If you aren't using Discord yet - that can be a great way to connect with people offline. I can be found under Coruscate#6642 if you wanna hit me up. :)

Your Voice is so Beautiful. I really love this Video.

Nice music ... really like it.

Why you indicate in the title this cover "piano cover" ? it's not a piano cover, it's a "Vocal" cover ??


I guess because I play a few different instruments... wanted to indicate which instrument I am playing in this cover. I see where there could be confusion though.


Ah...ok, Thanks to reply

@coruscate you amazed me with your beautiful voice. Hope i listen more songs from your voice. 👍

Me encanto !! Kelly es una de mis cantantes favoritas <3

Que increible voz!!! tienes que seguir montando este tipo de temas, te felicito :D

Good as always

How about covering this?

congrats !!! good job!/v/idrovo/1hikkzeu i invite to you to my recently vid i post today :) i hope you like it