Steemit Open Mic Week 99: Cover of "Night Rider's Lament" by Jerry Jeff Walker | Janton's Lullaby

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Steemit Open Mic Week 99: Cover of "Night Rider's Lament" by Jerry Jeff Walker

This one is just for fun.  I had a brilliant idea to sing @janton a lullaby to go with his new chair.  If we can put him to sleep maybe the rest of us will have a chance in @abh12345's engagement league.  

Well that was until I heard this song a couple days ago, and immediately thought of @janton, and thought that is perfect, even down to the last little part at the end.  It was fun to learn and I've never tried to yodle before. I promise it is hard, no impossible to yodle when you are laughing.  

Well good night @janton, on with the show.  I had a little trouble with the video twice so I just decided to post it and go with the flow.  (lyrics below...)  


Night Rider's Lament
Jerry Jeff Walker

One night while I was out a ridin'
The grave yard shift, midnight 'til dawn
The moon was bright as a readin' light
For a letter from an old friend back home

And he asked me
Why do you ride for your money
Tell me why do you rope for short pay
You ain't a'gettin' nowhere
And you're losin' your share
Boy, you must have gone crazy out there

He said last night I ran on to Jenny
She's married and has a good life
And boy you sure missed the track
When you never come back
She's the perfect professional's wife

And she asked me
Why does he ride for his money
And tell me why does he rope for short pay
He ain't a'gettin' nowhere
And he's losin' his share
Boy he must've gone crazy out there

Ah but they've never seen the Northern Lights
They've never seen a hawk on the wing
They've never spent spring on the Great Divide
And they've never heard ole' camp cookie sing

Well I read up the last of my letter
And I tore off the stamp for black Jim
And when Billy rode up to relieve me
He just looked at my letter and grinned

He said now
Why do they ride for their money
Tell me why do they ride for short pay
They ain't a'gettin' nowhere
And they're losin' their share
Boy, they must've gone crazy out there
Son, they all must be crazy out there

Songwriters: Michael E Burton
Night Rider's Lament lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

Good Luck To Everyone In The Contest

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I didn't appreciate country music before. I seemed a bit rough, for me. I don't know if I am expressing it correctly, but the case is that since I've got more intimate at songwriting, I have the chance to realize of the story under the lyrics.

I actually don't listen to a lot of country music, I'm more of a rock guy, this one was more for fun. It does have a good story line though.
You are right some country music is a little on the rough side, or a little redneck, but some rock music is as well.
I tend to find that there are amazing songs in just about every genre of music. I tend to listen to a lot of different stuff, I have some playlists that have classical, rock, country, metal, christian, and alternative.

Right, that is "healthy" jajajaja Listing to different genres makes you have a bigger specter of musical appreciation. Greetings!

LOL, thanks, I thought it was rather horrid, but it was for fun. If I can get my buddy Fenris to do the vocals, I might try some metal. It kills me trying to do that.

Hey I think you have something up with your focus! It's out of it!

lol, (in my best snooty accent) Well yes, it is an artistic expression of a metaphor, removing the focus from the subject to more interesting character of sir @janton..... 😂😂😂

That makes so much sense! You are an artist, hats off to you sir, I retract my comment!

lol, no it makes no sense. I had already put the camera and tripod up and told janton I had him a surprise so I needed to post it. Plus I really didn't have time to pull everything back out and redo it.

There is never time! We need a 'Just hit Post' tshirt, because if you agonize over every detail you won't do a third of the fun stuff you want to do here.

lol, can you sell those on the steem market?

great my friend, good song

I pale in comparison to you, my friend.