Steemit openmic - week 90 -Bound to Lose

in openmic •  last year 

So this week, I figured I better do a song that meant something.

As I'm sure you're aware, the refugee crisis in the united states took a turn to the worse.( read my thoughts about it here )

Being an artist(of sorts) I figured this would be an excellent opportunity, to say something.

To quote Emma Goldman

What what is this unfulfilled desire, I am rebelling against?

I desire a sane world, I suppose.

So I sang an old Woody Guthrie song

They're gonna lose.

Also, someone brush my hair, I look terrible.

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We're going to need people like yah around during the revolutionary. Whether we like it or not, a war cry is a useful one and a morale-booster is a nice trait to have along other useful ones. But someone give this man a brush and let's make him look more like a punk. For the real Punk is against Punk like the real Dada is against Dada!