🎵 Steemit Open Mic Week 96 - “I Love You So Much” (Original Song)

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Happy to say we're still singing together. In fact, our 7th year wedding anniversary is coming up this Fall (November 5), and we made a commitment to enter the #openmic each week until that time. This is our third week in a row, so we're starting strong, I'd say.

For those of you who don't know the lady I walk with (@wildfamily), I invite you to message her in this post, and I'll be sure to share your words with her–especially words of encouragement. She works away from home full-time as an ambassador of Global Sisterhood.

We're still learning to find our voices, our tone, our vibe, and the Steemit Open Mic is helping us immensely. We recognize that singing together and sharing is a great way to practice being in harmony and unity–both in the music and in the world.

“I Love You So Much”

The Song

The Lyrics

I love you so much
From the deepest abyss
To the highest of mountains
In thoughts words and actions
Heart mind and soul [soul]

I feel featherlight
I am gifted and lifted
With love in my life
I feel fullness aliveness
Wellness and lightness [lightness]

Merry sunshine beams
Mirror myriad suns
On the waves in the moonlight
With one more reflection
The sparkle in my eyes [my eyes]

I choose to see
How you grant me my life
With my every heartbeat
I feel your vibration
Under my barefeet [barefeet]

Peace begins with me
Being grateful for you
Being great in my life
And agreeing on being
The peacekeeper I am [I am]

🌞 🌜 🌟

The Acknowledgements

Steemit Open Mic lights me up. I see this as a worldwide celebration of the arts, encouraging us to express ourselves creatively, week-after-week. I feel excited by the growth I see in the people who participate in the event, including myself. It's a pleasure to be a member of this tribe.

High-fives to @luzcypher for bringing us Steemit Open Mic Week #96. Thanks to the sponsors: @pfunk, @ausbitbank, @curie, @isaria, @aggroed, who keep this community challenge so valuable and worthwhile. Thanks to the community who makes it fresh, hip, and vibrant.


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Such lovely words and harmony :) Thank you for sharing!

Ah, I sure appreciate it. I'm learning what a great gift it is to be able to sing together, even if we're still working out some kinks. It's a way of practicing being in harmony with each other, and with all of our surroundings.

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Coolness, thank you!

Congratulations, you guys!
This melody is incredibly catchy...
I love it!

Thank you for being so encouraging to Cabe (and I). He's really grateful for this open mic.

We're really grateful for you guy's being here, having fun, and expressing yourselves so beautifully and creatively! ...The pleasure is all mine! :-)

Thanks dude. We love Steemit Open Mic, and we love you.

You got it, brother...
Love you guys right back! :-)

You are a lovely couple thank you for sharing

Hello @cabelindsay, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!

Very cool! Thank you so much. Yes, I believe the blockchain is paving the way for the Creative Age to open up new possibilities for the world, celebrating the creative spirit that exists in us all. I appreciate you and your work.

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