RE: @Blocktrades + @Openmic: Steem Fest Giveaway - PART 2

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@Blocktrades + @Openmic: Steem Fest Giveaway - PART 2

in openmic •  2 months ago

Community engagement sounds like something I could talk about :D

Good luck all!

EDIT: I have been fortunate enough to win a ticket in @smooth's contest and so I won't be producing a video here.

Thank you very much for putting up this contest to give the likes of @llfarms a chance to reduce the cost of Steemfest.


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Engagement is what moves us all ain´t it? OR does it? :P


Depends on a few things but for most people it's the main way to get noticed :D

Hey man... Congrats!

Funny thing is in my video i ended up almost endorsing you...

Hope to meet you there.


Ha! Well thanks for the almost, I hope you make it!

"Community engagement," huh? I'm guessing you'd know a thing or two about that, Asher...

I should redo the numbers I crunched a couple of months back... showing that THEN, the people in the Leagues YOU created generate about 5% of ALL human-generated CONTENT on Steemit. Given that League activity is UP, and overall Steemit activity is DOWN, that figure has to be higher now than it was a couple of months ago.



I've got a little experience there i think :)

Hey that's a great idea, i'd appreciate something like that in a comment when I've added the video (likely to a new thread) here. Cheers!

yeah you could! You're great at it @abh12345


Thank you dear!

Congrats brotha, I saw your win. Glad I had a vote in your camp. Now let's get together to get @Coruscate there.