LUCRA Daily Investment (Nov 30, 2017)

in openledger •  last year


Last Price : $2.00 USD

Steemit LUCRA holders currently receiving blog post upvotes, sharedrops, and Genesis Mining affiliate bonus.

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Become a LUCRA holder to receive:

  • Daily Steemit blog post upvotes.
  • Genesis Mining affiliate bonus.
  • Hodl a minimum of 1000 LUCRA to recieve a monthly dividend on OpenLedger DEX.

Click this link to create your OpenLedger account.
After creating your OpenLedger account, acquire some LUCRA.


Then reply on the latest post with:

  • For daily upvotes/GM affiliate bonus
    Openledger-accname, Genesis-promocode


  • For daily upvotes

Once we confirm you're a LUCRA holder, then we'll be able to add you to the list. All LUCRA holders on OpenLedger will receive a percentage of the monthly/quarterly dividend.

LUCRA markets on OpenLedger DEX


lucra bitshare cryptofresh.png

Cryptofresh - LUCRA


Name : Lucrative
Abreviation : LUCRA
Max supply : 20,000,000 LUCRA
Supply : 10,000,000 LUCRA
Monthly Dividend : Require minimum 1k LUCRA
Dividend per share
*Dividend: 50% of masternode profits

downloa8d.png    download.png

For more information about LUCRA click here.

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