Decentralized Marketplace OpenBazaar Integrates ShapeShift, Allowing Payment with Any Digital Asset

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Looking for some last minute holiday shopping options? Look no further than OpenBazaar! ShapeShift and OpenBazaar are excited to announce their partnership via the ShapeShift Shifty Button, allowing buyers and sellers to now connect and transact with Ether, Monero, Dash, Litecoin and dozens of other digital assets! OpenBazaar, which initially opened its digital doors in April 2016, is a decentralized, bitcoin-enabled marketplace that allows buyers and sellers of goods to directly create shops and sell goods without fees, restrictions or accounts. Prior to the company’s Shifty Button integration, OpenBazaar was only available to those who had Bitcoin to deposit. Sellers can now accept dozens of digital assets. Download the latest version 1.1.10 of OpenBazaar.

Want to learn how you could make a purchase with Ether on the peer-to-peer marketplace? Watch our demo video!

“Enabling users to pay for OpenBazaar purchases with bitcoin and dozens of other cryptocurrencies was always something we wanted to do and ShapeShift enabled us to do that quickly and easily,” said OpenBazaar CEO and Project Lead Brian Hoffman. “Our community has been very eager for this feature and we’re happy to be able to provide it through a great partner.”

The ShapeShift Shifty Button provides websites the option of accepting dozens of leading digital currencies by generating an easy-to-implement snippet of code. The Button’s code is free and open source and has been integrated by dozens of bitcoin-friendly merchants to broaden customer payment needs quickly and easily. Learn more about Shifty Button.


wow that ist awesome guys... i like you

Made a Tutorial for using Steem with OpenBazaar as it is a little different than other altcoins I believe because the "To" and "Memo" fields, lots of screenshots in the How To here

Indeed, I have personally be waiting for this day !

Also bonus cool seeing shapeshiftio have a Steemit blog and post it here instead of something like Medium.

I didnt even realize the significance of me getting my shapeshift updates here instead of twitter until i read that. Steem on!


You are asking users to send steem to a memo instead of actual steem address which is shapeshiftio. This is bound to create confusion and needs to be fixed.

Now if only they they had the option to use Gridcoin. I'd be glad.