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One of the best things to happen to cryptocurrency since the invention of Bitcoin itself, is somewhere along the time line all the Linux only using people hidden away from society who were trading this digital coin, started mixing with the creative art making people hidden away from society who learned about this digital coin.   Now we have platforms like Steemit here where the weirdness is past and we are all blogging on a blockchain sharing great art.   Having a store on the decentralized marketplace OpenBazaar has been another platform that I have been able to enjoy great artwork.  Below is some of those pieces, lots of variety, so you may not leave liking everything, but you may see one thing you do love.  Click on the artists name you can see more of their work.

Spring acrylic painting by colorsofbitcoin

Unreachable digital art by kornilov

Mary Magdalene Poster, A Virtual Reality VR Religion print by Redfunkovich 

Rainbow Elephant Couple sculpture by Lune art shop

Touch Starved by Mr. Yuk

King's Palace fractal artwork by Stan Ragets 

Dog and Cat Coin - Real art by 5-12 year olds who were taught about Bitcoin by TheRealNinza, read about that adventure in this blog post 

Loved Despite Great Faults sculpture by Adam Wallacavage on ContemporaryFreedom

Watercolor painting by Rahul - Also on Steemit @rahulsingh


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Very beautifull creations and great creators thanks for sharing it with us too!


Very much my pleasure, hope it gives the artists more exposure. I always see their work in places, whether on OpenBazaar, Twitter, or even in the case of the last user, on Steemit as well.

Awesome work! Upvoted, resteemed, followed. :D


Thanks! Upvoted your amazing comment! lol ;)


I love it--

upvoted :)


It is one of my favorite pieces too, I suggest checking out the artists other work

But that one is still my favorite.

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I especially appreciate the one with the dog and cat coin. I am surprised that kids are not more in tune to alt coins. Two of my sons had no idea what BTC is! I was like - you're a millennial?!? LOL

These are great pieces. I am especially entranced by the watercolor and will check out that artist. Thank you!

[Edited] I wanted to add on that I have written Best Practices for Artists as a resource to get one's self noticed. I'm finding too many artists, photographers, videographers and musicians are slapping up a pic or video and nothing else. As a content creator and organic curator, I look to make connections with people through their art, in whatever form it may be. The one question I like to ask is: If I took your picture away - what am I left with? If the answer is nothing, I usually click away.


The kids around me know what Bitcoin is as well as Dogecoin and how to pronounce it properly lol. Glad you enjoyed the post and especially the kids who had been learning about Bitcoin. The user who did that is on Twitter and elsewhere, a great person helping spread understanding of decentralized digital currency and it's importance.

Also, nice post with some good tips a lot of people could use to up their game if they are just posting a pic of something they drew and walking away, I agree with you on that.