I Have Finally Found the #1 Crypto Casino to Gamble with and Here's Why

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I would like to talk about a online casino I ended up joining a few months back because If your doing what I was doing just a few months ago which is constantly looking that new online casino that you can fall in love with but end up being disappointed, I know what your going through. I took a lot of time to write this article so I hope you enjoy it. Although it's a bit long I promise it's worth the 5 minutes of your time to read it.

Being a big online gambler that I am, more specifically a crypto gambler, I constantly try to find new gaming platforms to play at, that one gambling website that I know once I started playing I wouldn't need to play anywhere else. Well I am happy to announce that I have finally found it and I would love to share it with all of you.

One of the major issues I run into when playing at the more popular crypto casinos online today are the fact that they are all the same. For example, let's look at four of the more popular crypto casinos, there is Bitstarz, Betchain, 7bit, and Mbit. Now although these four casinos are technically different, they are also the exact same aside from little differences. First of all, this group of casinos are all white labels created by Softswiss. Which means Softswiss designed and created them and then lease them out to a interested party who are interested in running their own online casino. As a result from them being related, they all have the same 6 or 7 slot providers, the same table games, and same customer support and so on. The small differences are things like loyalty programs, contests, things like that.

Another issue I see is the withdrawal times that it takes to receive your winnings. Some casinos make you wait 48 hours before your withdrawal is even review, other casino won't pay out anything less than $100. It's exactly these types of tactics that turn me away from playing at those particular casinos because that's there cheap attempt at minimizing their losses and maximize their profits by making it more difficult for the players to withdraw any of his/her winnings. Honestly I don't understand why people choose to play at those types of casinos other than the fact that they have no other options but that's about to change.

Now don't get me wrong though, some of the casinos I mentioned like Bitstarz is certainly a decent casino to play at. They accept US players as long as you use crypto and they have even won awards, most recently the 2018 people's choice award on AskGamblers and they have never of the better loyalty programs.

On a side note for anyone who is unfamiliar with AskGamblers, this online platform helps players recover confiscated funds held hostage by the casinos, in fact in 2018 they help recover over $6.7 million in players confiscated funds. Any complaint you may have or want to issue, AG is where you go.

Back to Bitstarz, as I was saying the only issue I have with them is the fact that I can't seem to win more than $600 no matter how many deposits I make. I do know that they have had million dollar jackpot winners in the past. However If your like me and get sick and tired of playing the same slots like endorphina, betsoft, or beltra slots then keep reading. See I live in the US so those types of games are what I am allowed to play without using a VPN of course. The problems with VPN's is the fact that some casinos don't allow them and if they find out your using them they might lock your account or temporarily suspended the account. It's good to check the terms & conditions or ask customer support about their policy on VPN's.

Now without taking up anymore time, I would like to introduce Stake Casino I can't remember how I stumbled onto Stake but I am so glad that I did because this online casino is by far the best one I have played at. With their exciting & unique game selection, total transparency, attractive interface, simple functionality, daily giveaways, awesome customer support, a Bitcoin forum which pays you in bitcoin to contribute, and the massive wins players receive everyday, you won't want to play anywhere else.

When I first tried joining Stake I couldn't because I live in the US until I realized I could play if I used a VPN. So as the first month of playing went by, I wasn't really into that much. The games were completely different than what I was used to and the few deposits I had made I lost fairly quickly. As a result I went back to a casino I was playing before.

As I had completely forgot about Stake, two months went by and then I stumbled across stake once again and decided to give it another try. It was only then I realized I made the right choice going back. See the first couple times I was playing the games I realized I didn't really understand how to play them which of course caused me to lose my deposits pretty quick but once I learned about a few different strategy's about the games my luck completely turned for the better. Next thing I know, I turned a $5 deposit into $1,200. The next time I turned a $10 deposit into $4,000 or 1 Bitcoin at that time. I couldn't believe it because all the deposits I have made to all those other casinos I mentioned above I could never win more than a couple hundred dollars, so this was very exciting for me.
The best part is it's not just me getting these big wins, everyday someone gets a big win and more importantly when you withdraw your winnings all the withdrawals are totally instant. Once you hit the withdraw button, you can immediately look up the transaction on the blockchain no matter how much it is. This is a big deciding factor for me when choosing a casino.

Stake offers 12 different games and they are planning to add more in 2019 along with other features like PvP poker, a sports book and more. What makes these games so cool are the multipliers you can win. Let's take a look at Limbo for example, the object of the game is to guess how far the multiplier can go. As you can see in the picture below the multiple can go a certain long ways.

Where else can you win multipliers like this, I haven't found any other casino that offers this. Now there is a max win amount per bet which is 10 Bitcoin. But that doesn't mean you can't win another 10 Bitcoin on your next bet. Let's look at another game which happens to be one of my favorites called Mines.

This game is where you can get some really big wins. A few times players have scored multipliers like 4,000,000x and 2,500,000x, It's pretty amazing. The highest multiplier I received in this game was 2,000x which is still amazing. This game is a bit different than the version of the Mines you use to play in school on the computer when you were a kid. The rules are simple, you have gems (green) and you have mines (red). Mines are the symbols under the tiles that you want to avoid. Now before you start the game you choose how many mines you want to play with. The more mines you select the bigger the multiplier you earn but also becomes more difficult. After you select a random tile you can Cash out or continue the game and select another tile. Obviously the more tiles you choose without cashing out the multiplie gets magnified and payout becomes much larger.

These are just a couple of the exciting games you can play at Stake. I promise you if you give this casino a chance you will absolutely fall in love with it. The last thing I wanted to talk about is the community at Stake. If you go to there Stake forum you can actually earn Bitcoin for interacting with the other players. This forum literally has a topic about everything you can think of. It's a great way to meet the other players, share tips and strategies, learn about the daily contests and giveaways. It really cool and you earn on average 300 - 500 Satoshi per post. Just a heads up you don't earn Bitcoin until after your first 15 - 30 posts on the forum. Anytime your balance gets over 2,000 satoshi you can transfer it instantly to the casino and either play with it or withdraw it.

So I hope you enjoyed this post and if your looking for a great place to have fun and win some crypto then head on over to Stake Casino.

You can learn more about Stake and other crypto gaming websites at Bitcoin Gaming Online

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