HOLY SMOKES! ONE YEAR! It Has Been a Year and I'm Still Here

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Holy Smokes... I Passed my 1 YEAR MARK


Flying colors.

Over a year ago.

IMG_1680.JPGEarly June last year, @Rebelskum inspired me to start my own account and write about stuff. I haven't ever managed to get going full bore. I think I am okay with this.

For there have been times that I tried to push the purpose. There are times when I went all gung-ho without knowing what I was doing. I invited my friends. I invited my family. I spent one evening, which was one of my favorite nights of 2017, outside of our old house with my eldest @tvowcampbell just writing.

I don't think anyone I know, even @rebelskum who has been posting.

And yet at least once a month, usually more, I check in on the board.

Growing Fond of the Block Chain

This last couple of months have been interesting. We have faced homelessness more than once. We lost the house we had been renting due to rising costs of living in Boise. All of a sudden, everyone seems to think that this is a great place to live and everyone needs to move here right now... like yesterday.

As more people move into Boise, the housing is skyrocketing. What was once a haven for relatively cheap rent is now being inundated with sellers wanting to cash in on the transplants moving to the City of Trees. They sell the place and then it goes on the market months later, after being renovated and fixed up all proper. Now it is going for 3 times what we were paying and you are responsible for all utilities.

Without being able to move somewhere, we are just another family getting caught up in it all and now have no home. We have managed to not be on the streets, but we are separated. My ex, who walked away from our boys and then came back a year later with no notice, who gave up all custody, who didn't care if I took his parenting rights away he has been known to say... he has both boys living with him. I have always felt it is important to keep the boy's relationship with their dad open, because he had a breakdown... he wasn't always a shit heel. Now he threatens to take me to court for custody and support. Thankfully, we usually sit and talk and work it out. Divorces are messy at times, even when they are relatively civil.

The stress piles up...

Since starting Steem my life has fallen apart.

Last year my mother died, which I have written a lot about.

I have aired my dirty laundry.

I have practiced faith and transparency.

I have written crazy things, admitted to having a rage issue now and then and talked about magick shit like I was a wizard. I am a wizard. I have put a lot out here and I have made friends, not enemies. I have had conversations on topics that we usually remain hush hush about. I have shared this platform with old friends, new friends, and just myself. I have checked in daily, then missed time. Yet, people still come around and I can still find familiar faces now and then.

There have been a few contributors to my lasting this long... even though, as you can tell, I am here to add art, my voice and my perspective to the block chain. I am not here to make money. It has been rad, getting posts with hundreds of dollars, but most of the time it is a few cents to a dollar. Sure, it adds up, but really if I had my way and I understood delegation better, I would put that Steem back to better use anyway.

Thanks to the Supporters

I would like to take a moment to say thanks to a few people, groups and such that have helped me along the way... to keep focus and to remain honest, sharing me nothing more, nothing less with my fellow Steemians.

The Peoples

@Sammosk was one of the first people to befriend me. He talked me through my mother's death, without knowing me and we had weird serendipitous things in common. He encouraged me to share art and some words and to use the blockchain to help to heal. I have and I am glad I did.

@Rebelskum invited me here and while he has been MIA dealing with life, he deserves most of the credit for me being here at all. :) I also blame him for my obsession with human trafficking and MK ULTRA but that is another rant.

@CarlGnash who has been an unexpected support time and time again on me doing art. I love the feedback! He still has the best google dream image that I have seen.

@vibeof100moneys is likely my most often to comment and I met them on here, randomly. I always enjoy their posts and I feel bad when I take a hiatus, because invariably... I always miss something cool. Like, I haven't been on in a few weeks and nearly missed this gem of an article on England, Language and Legalese. There is still time to vote on it, feel free to have a look!

Minnow Support Made It Easy

In the beginning, there was minnow support. I loved their discord and they were so supportive. I get lost in their larger rooms now as I am not so tech savvy. But I am inspired by them and they are part of the reason that I ended up staying in it like I did. I have been meaning to learn how to delegate through, to... them? I have so little time, but i have Steem power and want to find out how. That is my goal this week.


Thanks for the Year!

So far, so good this year. I feel that I am on an upswing and while there is a few emotional times to get through, some to share but have been avoiding... I feel like I can use this area as a way to document my own perspective, share some art and slowly learn about this community, one person at a time. I may not have a lot of time to invest, but the time I do have has been well spent.

Thanks Steem for the year, the memories and the encouragement!

I am glad that I have remained here and active this long!

Here's to Many More YEARS!


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