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Finding the Right Bait

One of the perpetual deliberations for all Steemians is... how do we convince others (friends, family, bosses, etc.) to join? We’re still in a moment of history where the general public does not understand ‘where the money comes from’ and too many logistical hurdles stand in the way of people easily taking up Steemit for their personal and/or professional lives. So today, we wanted to showcase a brilliant example of what’s possible - created by some very creative KR leaders.

Just a few days ago, @sndbox member @yoon posted about a South Korean marketing campaign for Steemit done in partnership with the @gopaxkr Exchange. They rented a series of billboards in the Seoul subway with this awesome image -

“1 글 1 닭” (il geul il dak) translates to “1 Writing/Post 1 Chicken”. The fabulous illustration was done by @carrotcake (another awesome Sndboxer) who was the winner of the competition held by @gopaxkr, and poignantly illustrates that anyone and everyone will be “rewarded” for their own writing and experiences. The ad is very straight to the point while also managing expectations. This isn’t a ‘get rich quick’ type of ethos but a subtle way of introducing an idea that the SMS activity we all perform on a daily basis is worth at least a leg of chicken.

We love seeing the diversity of outreach that stems from Steemit and this collaboration is a prime example. Koreans love crypto and they love chicken even more (if you order some for the first time, be sure to try the spicy chili variety, it’s a classic). Effectively adding Steemit as a way to access both is simply a homerun.

As such, we thought we’d join in on the fun -




So go on... Order some chicken!

Celebrate with us! If you do, be sure to use the #onepostonechicken tag and share the pics in the comments below!

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안녕하세요, @sndbox (@hansikhouse@voronoi)입니다!
여러분들이 이미 잘 아실텐데요, @gopaxkr 스팀잇 광고 콤패티시언 으로 우리의 재능있는 @sndbox 맴버 @carrotcake님 이 광고를 만들었습니다!

이소식을 축하하기 위해, 저희는 오늘 스팀달러로 파파이스 치킨을 즐겁게 먹었습니다.
@carrotcake님, 축하합니다!

1글 1닭 위켄드:

이번 주말동안 onepostonechicken tag를 쓰시면
한식하우스가 보팅 하겠습니다!

1글1닭 가즈아ㅏㅏㅏㅏ~!!

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How much popeyes paid ?

Good Catch! ;)

Popeyes promised they would delegate.

Can I get some too man ? I love popeyes , but not more than delegation

If you blog under #onepostonechicken all of your delegation dreams will come true ;)

It’s so chicken(easy) to get a chicken 🍗. Thanks @sndbox.

Brilliant as Crunchy!
Congrats, @yoon for such a great work!

And @carrotcake was the brilliant illustrator! :D

So silly from me...
Congrats, @carrotcake for such a great work!

Sorry but was hipnotized by the illustration! :)

1글 1닭 좋네요 ㅎㅎ
아직 그 정도 보팅 금액을 받을 능력은 안되지만^^

주말동안 #onepostonechicken 태그 사용하시면 제(@hansikhouse)가 보팅할게요~

1포스팅 1닭 응원합니다 크아~


This is so cute and hillarious!
1글1닭 가즈앗~!! :)

Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 7.46.30 PM.png

them kitties!

Crypto Kitties <3 Chicken

1글 1닭 하면 살 엄청 찍것 같은데요 ㅎㅎㅎ

ㅎㅎㅎㅎ 2글쓰드래도 1닭만 하세요~

This is great!, specially to all steemians out there. This spicy crunchy chicken makes me drool😋

Gonna plan my dinner to have chicken! #onepostonechicken!

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