update: read posts and comments directly in our app

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 Greetings to all steemians! We haven't been active for a while, but in the meantime our web-client has been updated. Now you can view posts and comments directly in our application.

(our new interface illustrated with a screenshot of post by @anonnews)

 With this update the experience of reading blockchain news on has become much more engaging.
  It is not yet possible to submit posts or comments with our client, therefore if you prefer to open a post from feed on in order to comment and upvote right away, you can right click and select Open in new tab in the dropdown. This action will open selected post on   If you encounter any problems when viewing posts on, please let us know in the comments.

 Also we wish to apologize that you could not use in the last weeks due to problems with our Steem node. We have now set up Steem node on a new dedicated server that will provide much better stability.

 If you are reading about for the first time, you can learn about our concept and plans in our introduction post.
 Our code is open-source under MIT license and available on Github.


ow...really .follw me

The site looks good! Is it based on the steemit blockchain?

thank you! Yes, it uses Steem blockchain, but you can also switch to Golos blockchain as well.

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