update: improved feed without duplicate posts in different categories

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 Visitors of noticed that after aggregation of best posts in different categories sometimes there are duplicate posts. Often top posts in categories like "travel" and "photography", or "bitcoin" and "blockchain" were duplicated. This was because popular posts have several tags, and, correspondingly, dominate trending in several categories at once. Those posts made news feed on less diverse. So we got rid of repetition of this kind.
 Now if a post is already displayed in one category of, in every other category which it belongs to, it will give way to other posts.
 If you are setting a custom feed on (we explained earlier how to do it), then the post with several tags will be displayed in the category which goes first in the URL that you used for setting your tags on OnePlace.

 For example, your OnePlace feed was set with the following URL:,food,bitcoin,photography,blockchain
In that case the trending post tagged as: "blockchain", "bitcoin" and "money" will be displayed only in the category "bitcoin", while in "blockchain" it will give place to some other post.
 Now repeating posts will not be an eyesore to visitors.

 And some inner news from our team:

 We had our first team extension!
 We welcome @pioner (ex back-end developer of Golos founding team) to our team. He will take part in back-end development of OnePlace.

If you are reading about, for the first time, you can learn more about our concept and plans in our introduction post.


After you filter out duplicates it looks very cool!

Thank you! :)

Like :)

Thanks for your work!

Great! I'm really excited for this project!

Any idea when the articles will open on itself?

This is planned in our next update.. a couple of weeks at the most.

The interface looks great! Good job

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