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 Greetings to all Steemians! as an alternative interface for Steem and Golos blockchains continues to evolve. A lot of things have happened since our last post.
 We have faced some difficulties that slowed our development efforts, but despite this, we still have the desire to make an interesting product for Steem, Golos and the cryptocommunity as a whole, so we continue to move in this direction.


 By this New Year’s eve we have accomplished a big step: now users can register a profile on OnePlace (registration by e-mail) and attach to this profile any number of Golos and Steem accounts. Switching between different accounts is very fast, and there is no need to enter your key each time to use basic functionality. This should greatly simplify user experience for people who own and use several accounts.
 For example, you have several accounts in one blockchain and you want to vote for a certain post with all your accounts: you do not have to waste time on logging in and out, copying and pasting keys... You just choose in a profile menu, which account you want to make active or press the switch button right next to user’s avatar to change to the next account.

 Attaching your account is simple with one-time use of your private active key. OnePlace does not store keys for your security. Once you have entered your key, you delegate to OnePlace the right to be your technical intermediary in the functions of creating posts, commenting, voting.

 More technically inclined readers can look up how the keys are handled in our Github repository. By the way our application is fully open-source with MIT license.

 Subscribe to tags

 We have also made an intuitive interface for subscription to post categories (tags) that you are interested in. You can select the tags you are interested in either during adding your account (separate procedure for Steem and Golos) or using "Settings" in your profile menu.

 Navigation between categories is carried out with the sliding side menu on the left.

 Basic blog functionality

 At the moment after creating a profile with your accounts, you can already vote for other people's posts and comments, as well as leave your comments. Technically, you can create your own posts using OnePlace , but as the user's personal blog page has not been developed yet, this option is not available. The addition of this feature is expected with the next release.


 Curation and authors rewards of users of are calculated by the basic protocols of blockchains Steem and Golos accordingly. You will receive your rewards to attached blockchain accounts.

 OnePlace fees

 When you use OnePlace to vote for posts, you always get a full amount of rewards for curation. When creating content on Steem blockchain, you will receive 90% of the author's rewards and 10% beneficiary reward will go to our technical account to support development of OnePlace . When you publish content on Golos, for now you will still get 100% of the author's rewards due to technical impossibility of beneficiary rewards in blockchain.

 Let's start!

 We invite interested readers to create profiles on OnePlace and become our alpha-testers.
 You can report bugs in post comments or in our Telegram-chat.
 Among all users who will register in January on our platform, a raffle will be held with symbolic prizes as our gratitude for participating in testing OnePlace. What will it be? We will tell you in our next posts.
 Stay with us.
  And of course do not forget to support us with your votes! We really need it very much! :)
 Thank you and we wish you more happy decentralisation in New Year!

This release was prepared for you by @ubik, @awispa, @rusovds, @xandros.


The default interface links to Golos instead of Steem. Look like you'll miss out on most people with that.

Thanks, we have just fixed that.

A very fruitful and gracious happy new year to you.

Wow! Seems like an answer to a lot of the problems I have been facing off late. Thank you. Will try it for sure. A very happy new year to you. :)

I'd rather keep 100% of my author awards but it sounds like a lot of people would be willing to trade 10% for some cool features. Good luck!

wow great updates

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Happy New Year! Wish You The Very Best Of It!! Have Fun!!

Thank you )) Have fun also!

I found your post on! I think its amazing how we can link accounts together. Thank you for your hard work. Following you, follow back and Happy New Year.

Thank you! We appreciate it ))

Thanks for sharing. Resteemed and followed

happy new year to you more idea and more sbd i wish you

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