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One Meal a Day - Charity action

in onemealaday •  11 months ago

A letter to Mr damarth, Am very sorry to disturb you sir, am concerned about you, there is a post I read today saying where is our damarth, I always think about you, because am fortunate to be one of your followers that is benefiting from your one meal a day program, I love you for the good work you are doing for this community. So Afte I read The post by @lordjames Asking for you from peoples I promise them that I will find out and feed them back on what is happening. So with due respect @damarth am asking you hope you are good? Hope nothing is wrong? We love you, and we want to hear from you... I will be supper excited if this message was reply.

Thanks @damarth we all appreciate you and always pray for you and your family.

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