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The Face @alphasteem

Final edit by @d00k13

The Idea behind the Faces of #OneLoveDtube is to allow each individual creative freedom while still collaborating on a group project, in this video we highlight a logo created by @reseller then animation of that logo by @devthedoodler with added sound effects by @cordeta.

We are happy to announce that @alphasteem has been added to the curation team for @OneLoveDtube, she will bring another layer of content into view with curation furthering our reach past my own (@d00k13) ability to consume content. I also believe she will add to the depth of comments with a alternative view on subjects to my own(slightly biased) perspective.



  • Very Early Supporter and an Evangelist in our community discord server
  • Has been given posting authority for the @OneLoveDtube community account for content curation
  • Recently upped her game with investment into equipment for the quality of the content she produces
  • #ASquad Leader, I have faith you will find the traction needed (@d00k13)
  • Has big dreams for #OneLoveDtube and we all hope they succeed

Check out her new kitchen, where she will teach us all how to bake! Can't wait for this content.

Join Us on Discord Server onelovedtube.pngLogo Credit @Dnews


  1. Please keep it civil. No harassing of anyone will be tolerated.
  2. Please use the #post-promo and #post-promo-blogs-only to post your steemit or dtube links.
  3. DO NOT post your links in the CREATORS section unless the creator asks for one.
  4. Please TAG your Dtube videos with onelovedtube so others can see your videos.(edited)
  5. Please no asking for upvotes, delegation or roles.

See this post for more info and links about the group:

Few goals we have is to help each other:

  1. Develop/Grow
  2. Be encouraged/inspired
  3. Support one another through comments/upvotes
  4. Reach a collective SP of 100,000 and then 500,000 and then 1,000,000
    Have fun in the process!

Join Our Trail!!

Currently going through the process of restricting our Trailed Authors List to @Dtube priority but anyone is welcome to join and help support this community, new additions to our Trailed Authors List will be required to join the curation trail in the spirit of giving first.

We Will Get There Together

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Best community ever! :D


Thank You! It means the world to me to have so much interest in a project that started from such meager beginnings.

Yay yay #onelovedtube I love the doodle at the end. Toooo cute ! :)


Thank you for noticing that, simple little flare but it adds a lot.

This is awesome! Great job @alphasteem :) the perfect host!


She really is!

Great work ONE LOVE, I really think @alphasteem is an amazing member of the community!


She definitely bring her #ASquad game


Thank you reseller! Likewise.

Onelovedtube to the sky :)


Let’s get off the ground first

Amazing job on this one from the whole community! Glad to be featured on faces of #onelovedtube and we got a bright future ahead of us! And pleased to be added to the curation team! @d00k13 awesome job putting it together!


Thank you my dear, you know me a perfectionist with limited skill set I’m glad it came out pretty solid!

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Great community, and I've also shared with my followers...


Your support is greatly appreciated

this is awesome congrats @alphasteem for being added to the curation team


She is going to be ruling the curation team as the Queen in no time


I can see that happening too @d00k13 l'm happy for her


We all are, only the best to come from her so far and only getting better!

Yay @alphasteem!!! Proud of you and you will do amazing as part of the curation team. :)


She is already amazing what’s one step up from that?


Haha that is true. I don't know what I was saying! :P


Ps: How did your first cooking in the new kitchen go?and as always...Have a great day and stay Awesome!


Oh yes how was the new kitchen?

Nice one! :) Lets do this ;)


Git er dun