Introducing IPFS Services Provided by OneLoveDTube Supporting DSound and DTube

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Have you ever come across a DTube video that took a while or had problems loading? This is a common problem many users on the Steem blockchain face. Witnessing this problem and no proposed solutions forced myself and @techcoderx to come up with our own. So we created a new decentralized backup solution based upon nodejs for those within the @helpie and @onelovedtube communities.


Creators really should want to stand up and take responsibility for hosting their own content if they want to achieve longevity and success on the blockchain. Meaning they need to find alternative IPFS hosting solutions to further decentralize their videos.

OneLoveDTube is all about supporting creators with the tools they need to be successful. For this reason, we added support for @dsound and @dtube file backups.

OneLoveDTube 's hosting service is completely decentralized with different providers backing up the same files for redundancy. This can become incredibly expensive to do. So please consider this when using our services (as a viewer or creator).

Ways to support

  1. Upvotes: Frequent node reports will be posted to @graylan , if you enjoy OneLoveDTube's hosting services, exchange the value you receive through an upvote.

  2. Donations: You can donate directly to the user account @graylan through Steem or SBD (convert USD to steem)
    $10 US in Steem per month gets you a "Hosting Supporter" role in OneLoveDTube discord.
    $50 US in Steem per month gets you a "Hosting Hero" role in discord with special perks including HD video hosting.

  3. Join in the conversation over at @OneLoveDtube or in the @helpie discord communities.
    OneLoveDTube Discord

How do I use this thing?

Join the @helpie or @onelovedtube discord, find the bot spam channel, and type the appropriate command. Demonstrated below.
">ipfs240 link"
">ipfs480 link"
">ipfssound link"
Remove the quotations and replace "link" with your content.


Warning: Absolutely no pirated or illegal content will be allowed on our servers. If found pinned through your account, your discord account will be banned for 90 days and files will be purged from the server.


Awesome service man! :)

Thank for the support Mr Chef. We want to give creators the tools they need and help them on their journey to success. :)

You are very welcome! :)

I think it is amazing that you offer that. Community IPFS nodes are the way to go to reach decentralization.

It really is a good step forwards , towards the decentralization of all Steem Dapps. People said it would not work. Well it is here today, and you can back up your videos to store them for "evergreen" earnings potentially in the future.

Terrific work guys! This is a great service to the community. I'm thrilled that we have this working well and available.

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Thanks Todd, All you do for one love is greatly appreciated.

awesome possum... please help spread the word, this is the type of thing we need to be encouraging more of.

Thank you Meno for your support and everyone over at Helpie who have been kind in promoting this new service to help creators.

Dudes! This is awsome! I Was uploading everything to youtube also in order to keep my vid online forevermore, but this is more like us!
Just one question, we need to become "Hosting suporter" in order to use this IFPS or it's open to all and any who wants to upload there?

It's free right now for members in onelove / helpie . I encourage people to donate to @graylan or upvote the daily reports in order to help fund the costs. Thank you garparcha :).

Right on dude huge step in the right direction!

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Appreciate your help in one love as well d00k13. :) You do a lot for this project.

Ahh dude you guys get the credit on this one and I’m proud to say so! I will always do what ever I can to make onelove the best possible. Super stoked about this development!

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That's awesome!!! I sometimes spend more hours uploading a video than making it... I think you guys are great and are doing a fantastic job. Keep it up. I will support as much as possible 😉

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Thank you for your support coconut-chanel :)

And so it goes live... I can't believe it's been less than a month since you told me about this, at first I didn't understand much or why it could be useful, but I do understand better now and see the huge importance of this backup service.
Cheers for providing this service and here's hoping that it gets used properly by the community :D

We will ensure users understand how to use it. Or make changes to simplify the bot even further for people. Thank you :)

This is an excellent service, and I imagine it will bring a good value to the blockchain as well!