@TeamAustralia Christmas Party 2018

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What up Steemit!!

It's been days since my last post and Im sure some of you are expecting a decent meet blog from me but I'm sorry to say that's not going to be coming from me 😂

Check out @travelgirl's party blog. Sister's on her A game and so was @vincy! Check out her meet up blog here

We got home from Krispy Kreme and all the shopping at 12pm on Saturday. I was glad I moved the time up to 2pm but even then I still needed more time to prepare and then I got so busy and caught up with everything that I didnt get to take that many photos.

It was like the wedding all over again except it bloody poured about an hour after Baller House arrived 🤦‍♀️😭

I did manage to get this video of @mattclarke and @o07 singing to INXS.


I had a feeling @o07 was going to be a karaoke gun when he specifically hit me up for karaoke. I didnt know @mattclarke and @jay.ell were also gonna represent. The boys brought their karaoke game for sure.

I love this pic and the look on @vincy's face. Like "Whaaa?!" 🤣🤣🤣 Im totally with you girl.


Us ladies.. well...
We bonded over Meteor Garden.

I mentioned it to @travelgirl (I don't even know what we were originally talking about lol) next thing you know we're doing a girly shriek, Netflix is on 😁 and @choogirl, @vincy, @travelgirl and I are glued to the TV.

It was a great bonding moment.



There was so much food.. We had more food than surfaces to put it all on and there were some things I didnt get to put out on Saturday like the naked sliders.

Luckily we continued the party on Sunday with @chrisdavidphoto, @mattclarke, @o07 and @shaidon and we were able to down more food and alcohol.


I wish I had takeaway containers for the donuts so everyone could have taken donuts and desserts home, cos theres so much of all that still left over. One whole box of donuts to be precise...

Lets be real, there's so much of EVERYTHING still left over 😱😭😱😭😱.


I'm going to do a vlog just on the pressies because there were a couple of surprises over the party long weekend but I just need to do a cryptic shout out to @wildflowerjessi and @gohba.handcrafts for being so kind and thoughtful.

I honestly couldnt leave the THANK YOU any longer.

I'm really touched you guys and seriously awesome of you both xxx

Thank Yous

While I'm saying thank you...

Huge big group hug to everyone who made the trek out to the Blue Mountains. I'm so grateful to you all for making the huge effort of coming. It really meant a lot to me and Ill treasure the memories forever.

It's one thing to chat and be a witness to each other's lives online but once we bridge that gap and interact face to face it becomes something more.

It was awesome to hug and talk to everyone. Have a laugh together, finally pour choo a real drink, bond ~ I had a great time you guys.

Special thanks to @mattclarke and @ausbitbank. We couldnt have done this without your help. Cheerss lads ❤


I'll never forget it you guys. Thank you so much.


Other stuff..

The party video.
@chrisdavidphoto, photographer extraordinaire, was also on his A game and managed to get some great shots and videos. I'm hoping he posts them!

I have been keeping track of our money and spending. I have most of the receipts except for some of the stuff hubby picked up for us. I need to post that sometime this week for the sake of transparency.

At this point though I can unfortunately say we don't have any left over for #hayrunners and I'm pretty sure we went over budget 😣.

Being under budget was one of my party goals.... Huge fail that was...

@TeamAustralia on Facebook!
We have a Facebook page! Created specifically so we can go on Facebook live for the party. Head on over there to watch some of the clips from the day.


That's it for me today. I'm having a bed day today and cuddling @wildflowerjessi's present while watching My Love From The Star because @vincy recommend it.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

7 days til Christmas!!


▶️ DTube

Nawwww would have been fun to have been there!! And thanks @mattclarke for taking the pressie over 🙌🙌

Hey @wildflowerjessi I received your present on Monday! Thanks so much! It's making its way into a office at a new dental practice on the Sunshine Coast! (it was liked that much!)

Merry Xmas yaal in @teamaustralia

Thanks @centerlink for the mighty welfare payments when steem was scarce @ausbitbank

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Oh thats heaps exciting!! Glad it got to you safely :-) Merry Christmas! 🎄😁

Wish you were there but it's all good we're coming to you next year! Thanks so much Jessi, it's one of my favourite things ❤

Favourite as in, if theres a fire, Im grabbing my painting, the cat, my silver and Im running 👌👌

Huge hugs to @mattclarke for being the best courier in Aus.

What a great event, we smashed it guys! #rockstars

Ya we did!!! Thanks for coming and helping make the event memorable 😁


Glad you guys had a blast. Sad I couldn't make it. Adelaide will be better and bigger next year! :)

You were definitely missed.
Hell yeh it will be, and we will be there! You guys need to decide on location so I can look up hotels/airbnbs :D

Thank you for hosting Arly. I'm glad we finally met and us ladies could bond over hot Asian dudes (even if they were jail bait-y).


Omg the gif lol

Lol it was a pretty good bonding moment! Was great to finally meet you!

I prefer to think theyre way past legal age and we cant tell cos theyre asian.

Watching it again btw. Took off from where we left off on Saturday. YouTube has the Taiwanese version... Eh... I like the 2018 one better still. :D


Glad you had a great time guys. Wish I could have fit it in. :)

Thanks Mazz! Christmas Party 2019 will be in Adelaide next year I'll see you then!

how tall are you @mattclarke?????

😁 Good question! To his credit he never bumped into the extremely low hanging pendant lights :D

190cm when I joined the Army in 96.
Guessing a little shorter now :)


That's superb Matt, all them Vegemites you got there work wonders ;)

Now...how tall is your wifey? 😁 (My husband is 183 cm and I have neck problem 😁)

@amandaclarke is around 175cm, from memory. The kids are pretty huge.

beautiful <3

Taken by @wildflowerjessi. She does great work :)

Oh damn I missed the group photo 😭😭👍

We didn't even think of it til later on, after @o07 started getting blurry.
A great time was had by all. See you in Adelaide :)


Love this photo!!

Yeah it posted upside down. I tried to fix, then noticed it's flipped left/right.
Near enough :)

What a fun time bearone.

It was amazing Angie! Hope you guys can make to Adelaide next year!

It was so awesome! I am still recovering from the adrenaline rush of it all. So much energy, some of it needed to be 'leeched' ;)

I have included you in my autovotes, it's a little less heart-felt but there you go. Plus I have given you a share in Steem basic income. I'm not sure how it all works, but you're a part of that now too.

:) Enjoy the rest of the day.

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Lol it was an intense weekend wasnt it? Thanks so much for taking the leap out of your comfort zone and coming up.

And thank you for thinking of me, I really appreciate it Shane 🤗

I hope youre recovering nicely. Im still getting there lol

LOL. Yeah I was still a little spaced out yesterday. I still have to do thank you videos to people.
But I am still speechless. I will most definitely do a lot more travelling in my future.
How could I NOT think of you? OK, there were a few mistakes made on my part, but I hope we bonded and became great friends as a result.

Over the next year I am going be doing a whole lot more with Steem and building on some of the stuff you've said. I will always give credit where credit is due.

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