Steemit Team Australia Christmas Party! (My first Steemit MEETUP!)

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Hey Dtube!

I got the opportunity to meet up with some amazing Steemians at my first ever meetup on the weekend!

Here is some footage from the night of partying! haha

This is how we do it Australian style!

Casual hanging out at someones place, lots of finger food, karaoke, music, drinking.

Thanks so much to @bearone @mattclarke for organising, @ausbitbank for sponsoring! Was lovely to meet you all @travelgirl, @choogirl, @o07 @shaidon @chrisdavidphoto !!!

Watch till the end to see what's in our Steemit Swag Bag!

Thanks for watching!!

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▶️ DTube

hahahah, @o07 and @mattclarke doing their footy thing.

Can't wait for 2019 in Adelaide! Will be epic! :)

Lovely to meet you in person, @vincy.
A fantastic evening provided by a generous hostess.
Hope to see you again in Adelaide in 2019.

Aww such a lovely photo!!
It was such a nice get together! Thanks for making it happen!

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The kid nearly stole the phone. What a laugh and a half!

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Ooh did you get a random kid to take the photo?

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Yeah we did. His family was there so we trusted him, but at the end he pretended to run away before stopping and giving back the phone. :D

😂sneaky kids these days! 😏

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unacceptable!!! no @kevinli iiiiiiii bwahaha jk! awesome handmade from @bearone. I love her art ! Those rocksss

😂😂 oh yeh why didn’t you come @kevinli? Too cool for us eh? 😜

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This is great. I'm glad there isn't too much incriminating evidence of my terrible singing in this. It was lovely meeting you guys and your dress was super cute by the way. I don't think I told you that.

You were brave to sing, I loved your enthusiasm and you sang well! I’m shy at these things but when everyone’s into it I can do it!
Thanks! I don’t usually wear so much red but I’m trying out more bold colours these days!

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it's a little awkward for me to see the warm weather during christmas 😎 but very nice.
and the drunk dudes on karaoke! 🍺

😂yeh it’s too warm to wear fluffy clothes with Santa hats

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Look at all those cameras, anyone would think you were a bunch of bloggers or something XD Glad everyone had fun :D

😆that’s the beauty of a steemit meetup! Everyone is ok with people blogging and vlogging around each other hehe

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Wow! That's one great party/steemit meet up! And the swag bag. Ohh my!

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Yeh it was a great first meetup! Have you been to one yet?

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Yeah we've organized a couple of steemph meetups here in abu dhabi last year, one in Dubai in Jan this year then a blood letting campaign... we were an active bunch. Then they all kinda hibernated. Hahaha

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Haha that sounds like something to do with the prices rising and then dropping

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Yup. Definitely prices driven. 😅😂

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Congrats!!!! I was scared My first Steemit meet up. I thought someone was gonna chop me up #snappluscomment

Aww was it an organised meetup?

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Still, people get kidnapped every day. Going out, the process getting on public transportation, all that is a new experience for me. Being disabled, I can no longer drive. So going out a meeting people, organized or not is a scary thing for me. I think of worst case scenarios. The good thing about that was one time I actually saved me in my friend from getting robbed. There are so many people that are coming up missing here in the US because of online meet UPS regardless. So it's a scary thing when you're disabled and you don't have a husband or somebody they can do it with you. So for obvious reasons I can see why you're not scared. Duh. Sorry dumb question I guess. #snappluscomment

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Aww that’s true, with all the scary stories in the US I’d be scared too🙁.. I wouldn’t be able to go myself, I had to have someone with me.
How did you save yourselves from being robbed? 😱

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There was a guy on a hiking trail and when we arrived we were getting things together in the vehicle so it took us about 10 minutes to even get out but I noticed that he had already started on the trail. By the time we got our the car and had all of equipment it was 10 min. At the trail head I saw the gentleman. I could tell. he lived on the streets but he was a little organized. He had a walkie talkie. Not many people carry those to day. So I felt like maybe there was somebody else on the trail. While my friend and I were looking at the trailhead post, it's where it tells you any the hazards the difficulty of it and any animals that you may or may not run into. He came around right behind her and I like reading the posts sign. On the sign it says no dunk tanks. My friend and I always laugh about that because we always say why would they have dunk tanks out here and what would they be doing with them for them to ban them question work because it's odd thing the sea on a trailhead post. I dropped my Electronic cigarrette that I know how the battery pops out of and I made a huge like spectacle of it. To get him to backup away from us and I said look did you see that Like very animated, he almost an expect it. I said no dunk tanks did you bring any dunk tanks. And while he was sitting there laughing I said Liz can we get back to the car I need to fix this my E- cigarrette, well it's like a tank and you use cartridges, I knew it pops loudly when it falls, its metal. I created a distraction and odd set of situations to confuse him long enough not to have the courage to pop a knife out and steal my camera and equipment. When we walked back towards the vehicle I saw him still standing by the sign. My friend Liz was confused but she knew something wasn't right about the situation and I told her why I did everything that I did. And it all made sense. They do that . they go where people are Urban explore and they steal people's cameras I know I saw a countdown video showing people and YouTube get their stuff stolen when their live streaming and everything. You could tell he was like huh???

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Wow! So glad you knew how to create a distraction and you knew with guy feeling! Did you have a lot of gear with you? We’re you doing a full video shoot?

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I had a My DSLR camera and then I had my go pro my Mic, stuff like that camera bag, assorted accessories

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Ah yeh dslrs are huge and many lenses.. I’m always wondering if I should take them overseas and then don’t end up doing it cos I’ve had stuff stolen before of even smaller things.

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Count me in for next year 😎

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Matt is quite the meetup guru and it sounds like Arly is quite the hostess!

Ooh sounds like you’ve met them before!

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Only Matt and the other two Adelaidians. :D

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