Dtube Update Invested more And Follow Me To Eat 169 Baht Most Popular Buffet

in onelovedtube •  5 months ago

Hello Sweet Steemian,

It's been 4 days I have not post I want taking it so serious learning about camera and how to make cinematic videos because I really want to make the quality of my videos better. I want to make cinematic vlog so now I really try to give time for study that. Also I got super busy with my job but from now I will try to post everyday or as much as I can.
I went to get my new camera and then after I went with @sabaisj to eat 169 Baht Awesome buffet and she made some videos about the market. Check it out at her channel.



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Nice vlog ... keep it up.

Informative blog...
Great Thought about Dtube.
Dtube is also like steemit.

How is your experience on DTube?

Hey @Anne-c I was popping in to see how ya are doing! But for some reason I just cant get this video to play. I will try back later.. maybe it is my internet connection. I am not sure. I have been having trouble playing videos all morning. I am excited to see your new video.. I will check back on ya tomorrow hun.. talk to you soon xoxo

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It's great to see your post.

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