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RE: Top 6 lessons we learned when moving off the grid and what we would do differently!

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Absolutely! We made a promise that we would do this without a mortgage, line of credit, credit cards or any debt. Everything is done out of pocket. That means no interest charges either. As a result, 100% of our labour goes to us and the family. None of it is being stolen by the banks or others, with the exception of inflation. We tackle that problem by purchasing things right away with the cash we do make. That way we mitigate inflation issues of holding onto money and it deteriorate in purchasing power while we hold on to it. There are times were we have zero cash, but we are still very secure knowing that all our needs are being met. Thanks for sharing. I appreciate that very much.


If you wish to protect long-term savings from inflation there are plenty of cryptocurrencies that gain and hold value better than any fiat.

I'm sure there is. My savings account is wood in the wood shed, food in the freezer or on the shelf, seeds from the plants to re-seed in the spring, knowledge on how to find food and medicine in the bush, how to build shelters, find water and provide for all our needs. That is the true savings. In the end, any currency ends up being useless if we cannot acquire the things we need. cryptocurrencies are also dependent on power, internet, computers and other technology. I trust Mother Earth and Creator more than any man made system. True wealth is not the money in the bank account but the experiences, relationships and memories that we build for we are spiritual beings and when our vessels pass away, that is all we can take with us. That is better than gold, silver or any other physical or fictional construct.

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