Throwback Thursday!

in offgrid •  5 months ago

Since it's Thursday and I just posted some great cabin progress photos, I figured I'd throw out a Throwback Thursday!!

To the first tree fell, late November 2016.
Ultimate dream is right.. this post uses this photo

To the first log being milled, Mid December 2016.
Apparently, I don't have a milling post. Here is a link to some of the tools we use, this is a post from Jay's Steemit

And to the first timber, we sat in place June 30, 2017
My verification post, using this photo

Jay nor I have any background in carpentry or timber-framing. This is our first go at it! :)
Our plan is to build the 16x32 "shop" first (in case of minor fuck-ups) since this is our first build and then build the cabin not too long after. We still haven't figured out an exact location or size we are wanting to build the cabin yet anyway.

Hope everyone so far has been enjoying the content I have to offer this great platform!!


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Good throw back 🌴

I like your interst in timber. Take care. I hope you have a good day.