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Hi Guys,
My name is Jay(Born 1976), My amazing wife,, @leemlaframboise,, kids and I are currently trying to reach a dream. We are going to live a simpler life far off grid(In remote northern Canada).
Investing all extra time and money for past 3Yrs, into equipment and skills needed to be self sufficient in the wild...

Saw mills to harvest building materials.
Chainsaw mill

Bandsaw mill

Logging Equipment.

Timber Framing chisels.

And modern timber framing tools.

Please follow as I document our journey.
More to come...


Living the dream! I'll be watching and upvoting regularly I am sure!

Nice post
I will follow you, please follow me too :)

Welcome, Jay!

Good luck with your journey. You might want to check out the #homesteading hashtag as well.

Thank you. I'll check it out;)

I wish you happiness and fulfillment in the wild outdoors.

Thank you so much for your kind wishes cryptopie. I am also trading alittle in cryptos, would love to see a giant rally again soon. ;)

Do you plan to get an alternative power source in the woods too?

Cryptos have no way to go up only, the question is when so I am just patient since I am not fully dependent in trading as prize fluctuates crazily making positions hang.

Enjoy your day.

Yes, we will be using solar and wind as the main power source, and a generator/inverter for items that require more power to run like tools.

It's cool, I like what you are doing and realizing your passion. I guess you don't mind not to have human neighbors @medic8553 no?

I grew up in the north on a fishing lodge, seclusion and wilderness are very familiar and comfortable for me. I dread having to go to the city, too loud and too fast for my liking. The critters are fantastic neighbours, maybe for the next post I will introduce some of them, we get daily visits from a big ole family of ducks, and 2 loons that like to come make the little dog bark(it is quite hilarious).

Lots of hard work and awesome pictures coming!
I cant wait!! 😃

Welcome to Steem @medic8553 I have sent you a tip

Welcome aboard, Jay! Follow me at

Your wife found my offgrid/bushcraft posts, sent me to say hi.

I UV your posts on both pages today, with full power even though I am at diminished voting power, glad to see it help your posts.

Follow back if you like, check out my stuff.


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