Task #10: Steemit's Official Youtube Channel

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Task Details And Guidelines

Follow this blog for task details: https://steemit.com/steemit/@oracle-d/subscribe-to-steemit-s-youtube-channel-and-earn-rewards

Task Entries

Submit "Proof of work" as a single comment under this post. Kindly do not spam the comment section. Only one comment per person is allowed.


@emsonic Yes I am already subscribed 😉 I just wish that they would make some useful content in the near future and the videos should be a little longer.

They now what they doing ;)

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good 🙃

Subscribed! And tasks done

@alexabsolute @ireenchew @roundbeargames @bearone @shaidon

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Subscribed to channel, upvoted and resteemed post. Also shared on Instagram for more visibility



@bxlphabet, @akumagai, @aqsamustafa, @krazzytrukker, @gamer147
Join this easy challenge and earn a little extra.

Proof of Work:

It's your turn now @wandergirl, @gratefulayn, @purepinay, @themanualbot

Subscribed, then watched & liked the video.



Calling steem hustlers to do this task:
@fitinfunfood @traciyork @madushanka @brittandjosie @iamjadeline

Thanks for the shout out, @anggreklestari - I just joined in! 😊

“Proof of Work”
Convido o @casagrande @matheusggr @wiseagent @markitoelias @pataty69 a participarem desse desafio.


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@travelwithus, @iamjadeline, @redpalestino, @sam.hsuu if you have YouTube you can help out.

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Hi I subscribe your channel

My proof

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