Or maybe you just don't like it when people are silenced for voicing unpopular opinions. Me, I don't necessarily agree with his politics, but it's accounts like these that are the reason decentralized platforms like the Steem blockchain exist... to give a platform for all types of opinions and views. It's up to the users to follow him or not.

I agree! Wanting to silence people just shows an inability to challenge people's ideas out in the open. People who have uninformed beliefs are those who seek to silence others. Whether or not their beliefs are correct, they don't have the ability to defend them, often because they are just parroting some thought leader. I am glad we have the ability to overcome that here. Cheers!

@joshman you were gifted 150 Hobo tokens for believing in free speech.

The Hobo token will be the token that will bring the world truly decentralized journalism on Steem.

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