Sea of plastic in shock pictures!

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A group of photos show a stream of plastic waste covering the sea surface near the island of Roatan off the coast of Honduras.

Plastic bottles and other wastes float on the surface of the water, obscuring the sun's reach to the depths.

At the same time, one photograph reveals dozens of knives and food thorns swimming among seagrasses.

Plastic waste is believed to have reached the sea from neighboring Guatemala, across the rivers because of the heavy rains that hit cities and villages.
The famous photographer, Caroline Bauer, published these images on the Internet to draw attention and raise awareness about the problem.
John Horston, of Blue Planet, who runs the ocean protection campaign, said the images were the worst example of plastic pollution.
Source: Daily Mail


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It's crazy how we pollute our earth.. the air, land and sea. Long time ago stats saying the plastic could cover the whole ocean with 1 meter of thickness! If i look in daily life it's hard to avoid plastic, it's almost everywhere, all the packaging for tiny things like slices of sausage, toys, toilet paper, the plastic bag in the super market.. everywhere. It fills in each family huge plastic bags for waste. Imagine what pile just in one small town is created by that amount of waste each day, each week, each month, unbelievable. Thank you for sharing the video and information.

Very good and interesting post. @lahcen80 :) I resteemed you!

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