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RE: Warm autumn in the countryside (detail) - watercolor on paper

in #ocdb3 years ago

Once again, a beautiful piece. Resteemed! Such vibrant, warm colors! I really enjoy looking at your pieces. Thank you for sharing them. (Oh boy, I got a lot to learn.) May I ask, what is your favorite brand of watercolor?


Hi boy I use different brands: Smincke (excellent) and windsor and newton, then in tubes also maimeri Artisti series,

I suspected. I bought only 10 colors of Schmincke Horadam in tubes but use them only sparingly; too expensive to waste on exercises. Cheap student quality will do for now.

Maimeri Blu look fantastic but cost twice as much as Schmincke around here (D). They seem to be popular in Luxembourg which is not far for me. I'll check next time I need gas.

Or I get some in Italy next time down. I understand they're in Mediglia just S of Milano, off the autostrada to Piacenza. Perhaps they have a factory store there ;-) They seem to make high quality acrylics as well, so my girl Caroline (@caro-art) can have a blast, too.

I only do bear hugs, so here's one for you :-)

yes you can buy in Mediglia, otherwise use windsor and newton which don't cost much. Arches or Maimeri paper, rough grain 300 grams at least. Ty hugs are always welcome.

Thank you, Armando. I'll try that. If you're interested, I found a wonderful study paper, 100% cotton, 300 g/m2 called "Expression" by Hahnemühle. Cold pressed, acid free, light satin matte texture, 30x40 cm, 20 sheet block, glued all around. Cost about 16.00 EUR. Not Arches but well worth the money.

Thanks dear I like to try the paper I think maybe I order one.

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