PSA: OCDB delegator payouts

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Hey everyone!
Just wanted to drop a few words about @ocdb payouts, some of you may have noticed and quickly dm'd me asking what is up so I figured I'll let everyone know in a post and just link to it to save everyone some time.

As you know @ocdb is fully non-profit, meaning that both the bids and curation get returned to anyone delegating to it. The only profit it creates goes to the authors in the whitelist who will be growing with the restart of OCD and some other nice things we have lined up that have taken a lot of time to create. We will be announcing them very soon!

Returning the curation rewards means that one has to feed the account Steem as they get automatically powered up. @anomadsoul stepped up and was going to cover it with his stake which means he had to power down on his account to feed it liquids, what we didn't expect though were the huge delegations we received in a short time period. Basically us becoming popular quickly and gathering a lot of delegations made it a lot harder to keep the account fed to be able to pay out curation rewards.

I want everyone to know that they don't need to worry though, @ocdb pays out everyone a certain percentage less if there is not enough liquids on the account which means that next time you will receive a bigger payout instead with the missing liquids from last time.

As you can see here in this screenshot, now that @ocdb is currently empty it has still saved the remaining rewards to each user:


So rest assured you'll get your rewards the next day!

I also wanted to remind everyone who's on the whitelist to use the bot if you like, we expect this "early adoption phase" of it to end soon when more and more users start using it daily on quality and original content. Even though we've had to increase the max bid to 50 SBD right now that's mainly due to the Steem price having gone up, when more and more users start bidding in the future we will have to decrease it depending on the delegation it has at the time.

Here is a link to the whitelist if you want to check if you are listed (warning, may lag a bit).

We at @ocd are very excited to announce all changes to @ocd and @ocdb very soon and hope the community likes what we are doing!

Thanks for reading and delegating to @ocdb, you're helping stake be distributed to worthy authors and increasing the strength of our DPOS blockchain!

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Definitely delegating something today. It's a great project and something that I use for the posts that I spend a lot of effort on!


Thank you @bengy! We'll try our best to make sure it's put to good use!


Bid is invalid - Only posts by whitelisted authors are accepted by this bot

who's incharge of this establishment? trying to give away steem re a post i wrote 3 days ago thought id try a bidbot


I and the team at OCD are, right now the whitelist is on pause as we're implementing major updates on what we are going to be doing for 2019-2020.

We will give users a new chance to recommend themselves/others before we restart as we've done in a few occasions before, then it's a new system in place that we believe will grow the whitelist a lot more!


I will delegate some at my next purchase of Steem within the next week! Look forward to also trying the bot as well!

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I fully trust @ocdb, @acidyo and @anomadsoul! No doubt about it!
Still waiting patiently to have a curator passing by or that the whitelist opens up again!
You all are doing a great job!

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Sounds like a great program. Can't wait to have a post curated. Thank you @acidyo.

The grow is delegation for the ocdb vote really has been insane! Hopefully it reaches a point where it is self-sustaining without having to power down anyone! Will there be curator applications when the ocd operation starts up again?


Yeah I think it will reach that point soon! Unless someone delegates even more to it. :D

I've only just become aware of this excellent vote bot.. seen a lot of people I know using it.

Still getting my head around it and thinking it might be a good alternative to my using steempress, relying on that vote but then losing 15% to stmpress!

I know I'm on the whitelist but the list doesn't scroll on my mobile btw - it's stuck on the top few As.

Cheers! Great project!

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I am not on the list, but I would love to be. What should I do?

Who can join and delegate?

Love you guys.. resteeming :)

delegating 1000SP to ocdb will give how much steem everyday on a average. ?


About half a Steem I believe. :)


Lately it’s been a mixture of liquid Steem and SBD.

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Sir, I want to get whitelisted can please help.

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You got a 43.83% upvote from @ocdb courtesy of @acidyo! :)

@ocdb is a non-profit bidbot for whitelisted Steemians, current max bid is 50 SBD and the equivalent amount in STEEM.
Check our website for the whitelist, queue and delegation info. Join our Discord channel for more information.

If you like what @ocd does, consider voting for ocd-witness through SteemConnect or on the Steemit Witnesses page. :)

Aw, I'm not whitelisted. Feelsbadman.

Then again, I'd probably very rarely use the bot since I'm a lazy potato :)


:( maybe you'll get curated some point in the future!


Meh, there's way better users out there than I who should probably be curated long before one of my posts. I just edit videos and post random shit that I enjoy, nothing super special there, dood.

Thanks ocd and ocdb 👍

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Hi!, Do delegators can become whitelisted for OCDB?


No, but we will incentivize people in other ways to recommend great authors to our whitelist very soon! :)


Thanks for your quick reply, I will keep watch on the updates soon.

how to get @ocdb support

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Hey there @acidyo

A few months back a fellow follower of mine and a OCDB member @photovisons recommended me to be whitelisted. It would seem I am not on the whitelist even four months later. Are you still adding new members? Or is membership closed?


Hey, we must've missed your content. In case a curator missed you on purpose it could've been due to the content on your page at the time. If it was on the short side like one photo posts, etc. Anyway I had a quick look at your account as remember you having been on Steem for a long time and I was following you for some of it before I trim down my folowing list periodically. I'll add you to the whitelist and hope you're aware it's only for original content and hope you use your daily bid according to the effort of your content. We don't have any exact guidelines official as of now but we hope people will use common sense until then. ^^ Good to still see you around!


@acidyo no worries I'm sure it was an oversight. Maybe it was a photography single post but mostly my blogs have many photos and at least 350 words in it.My content is original so no worries there. Thanks for adding me.. how would delegation be handled instead of sending funds to the bots for bids? Is that an option? Or only SBD/steem transfers for upvotes?

Thanks for following me, i had no idea.

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Howdy there acidyo! this is great information and kudos to you all at ocdb. God bless you!