From old mushroom to baby yoda

in #ocdlast year

Hey all, I'd like to share with you a piece I carved for a diehard Star Wars fan. His daughter wanted to get it for him for Christmas.
This piece started as a mushroom that was carved a few years ago.

Didn't take much to find baby yoda in that mushroom..

Literally just a few minutes of saw work.


A little dremel and chisel work..


And then paint..


He's a little sad or scared but the customer was happy so thats all that matters.

I hope you enjoy seeing what I "saw"
If so feel free to upvote and resteem
Thanks for looking


Hey, this is really cool! Cross-posting this to the OCD community where we generally curate content nowadays! :)

@jonatftforest, Definitely this is Artistic Craftsmanship and most unique aspect of this Art 🎨 Piece is, the Foundational Wood have Eye 👁‍🗨 like spot which is creating an Visualisation Title as, Baby Yoda Carried By Foundational Eye 👁‍🗨. Stay blessed.

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a friend of mine would love something like this. so awesome!

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