Here, in the north of the world.

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Spring in the north.

Soon. spring is here in the north of the world.
The days ere long and bright. Darkness has left us, and the golden rays the sun are thawing our cold hearts.
A strip of gold on the horizon gives a message of hope and optimism.
It sprouts and grows under the snow, and we long for the power and grace of spring.
We lift our heads, and open our hearts,
it sings in nature, and all life returns,
here in the north of the world.






❋ ❋ ❋

With love from


Beautiful photos! It looks like a very nice atmosphere. The trees are amazing and the white clouds and blue sky are wonderful. I love to see snow covering all over the area and the frozen ice in the last photo is really gorgeous. Great capture. ;)

Excellent photos. I really liked. Thank you for sharing.

Hi Heidi, it is a long time since I saw your last post, and obviously the weather is getting better, the picture with eh sun shining through he branches of a birch is so beautiful, white snow and blue sky make a great contrast.

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