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Hey everyone! I made a post a few days ago asking my followers for new Steemians for me to follow and it was very popular and I love checking through my new feed! We recently announced OCDB and with this post we want to give authors that aren't on the list yet a chance to join it through this post. Once @ocd restarts its curation on the 29th of October that will be the only way to enter the whitelist from then on forward.

As most of you who've read the announcement post know, this will be a non-profit bid bot that will always remain profitable for trusted authors. What we mean by trusted is authors who have always posted original and quality content but have had a hard time to receive decent rewards and have had a tough time to grow. We hope that @ocdb will help distribute stake wider and strengthen our blockchain over time.

Who you can recommend

Before you decide to recommend someone to add them to the whitelist please check these simple qualifications.

  1. Not yourself
  2. Someone who has generally written quality and original blogposts
  3. Refrain from recommending people who mostly use apps with beneficiaries (such as dtube or vimm) as the votes they buy from @ocdb may not be profitable due to that.
  4. Someone who in general doesn't receive a lot of rewards (cut off can be approximately $5 in average at these prices)
  5. Authors of ENGLISH POSTS ONLY
  6. Check if the author you want to recommend is already in the whitelist!

Some more rules

You may vote on other people's recommendations in the comments to vouch for those users, but try not to abuse this as it won't only rely on that.

Vouching with comments is also effective.

Our curators will also go through the recommendations and vouch with votes/comments on the authors they think deserve to be added to the whitelist.

If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments and me or the curators from @ocd will try to answer them as best as we can. :)


I think @mariannewest should be whitelisted. Not only does she post original content, but she is also a very active Steemian involved in community building. Her freewrite challange celebrated one year of existence yesterday, which shows some serious dedication to this platform.

I support this

I do as well

I have to say I think this is a very good recommendation also, @mariannewest is hugely engaged with the community, really helps out a lot of people (myself included) and is by and large an awesome person. I think adding her to the whitelist would be a very good idea.

I support this recommendation.

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Thank you all so much!!!

Added! Thanks for the recommendation! :)

I would love to recommend @mango-juice , he is a passionate writer

Thank u for nominating me captain. I just got the notification!

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Added, thank you for the recommendation! :)

There is no user with this name.

Yes there is, click the link...

She must have edited it. It wasn't working earlier.

Ah :)

Added, thank you for the recommendation! :)

I recommend @pyemoney to the white list. She is an original author of short stories, poems and antedotes. She also does some creative photo-editing in her blogs that makes them stand out among others.

I support this recommendation 👍🏾

Thank you for your support.

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I support this recommendation.

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Thank you @beatking13.

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Thank you so much for the recommendation and for reading my blog.

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Added, thank you for the recommendation! :)

You got to add @felt.buzz. A great writer if I have ever seen one. A greater person as I have come to know from a lot of people. Though mostly his posts don't get upvoted much, he has been posting consistently as writing holds more value to him. Do check out his account.

Absolutely, @felt.buzz is very talented and very passionate about his writing.

Yes to @fet.buzz!! He so deserves to be on a whitelist!

Added, thank you for the recommendation! :)

Hi @acidyo, I recommend @jluvs2fly for the list. She travels around the world and writes interesting blogs about places that she has visited.

I support this recommendation

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I support this recommendation 😊

Can you give me the correct username? :D

I would like to recommend @enforcer48, he has been a great addition to the blockchain since he joined earlier this year and I always enjoy reading his posts!

I recommend @ronaldoavelino. He writes two very informative daily posts about coins, one in English and one in Portuguese. He should be whitelisted.

I would recommend @jongolson

thanks man. i’m humbled by your recommendation. means a lot!

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You deserve it. You do so much for the community.

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Added, thank you for the recommendation! :)

Hi @acidyo, I'd like to to recommend @viking-ventures.

She's a great writer and very active on pay it forward curating minnows and she haikus! Her parody series are worth visiting as well.

She's had some curie votes (which says a lot to her quality) but I would like for her work to be rewarded more often.

Thank you so much, I am honored. :-)
I am not yet familiar with this initiative.

I recommend @marjanko.

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Added, thank you for the recommendation! :)

Hey @Acidyo, could you put my brother @inkvizstudios on the whitelist? He is new on the platform. Even though I'm not sure what he is going to be posting about, I know that he is a professional skilled motion graphics designer and has some sick drawing skills.

I trust your judgement, maybe they'll get more active with the ocdb incentive. :) Added!

Awesome, thanks! I don't see him on a regular base, but when I do, ill explain him what @OCDB can do for him ^^.

@karja and @harkar

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Ah yes I'm following these after your last recommendation, added both. Thanks!

I would recomend without a doubt to @djacbaweur, an amazing artist who haves quality artworks that are involved in a short novel (by now short, who knows...).

He doesn't post very often but when he does that's a good reading for sure.

I agree

Added, please let him know about @ocdb when he starts posting agian. :)

Great initiative @Acidyo!

Am recommending @burlarj, he is really an incredible writer

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Thanks buddy for nominating me

Hello @acidyo!

Hope you are having a great day! This is another great initiative, hats off to your constant efforts. I have many great steemians in mind, however I believe that @mindtrap really does deserve a shot. The guy is raising awareness regarding various significant issues of the platform and tries to help minnows by making informative posts and handing out delegations.

Take care and see you around!

Added! Thanks!

Good author ... thanks for the report!

No problem, helping others is a pleasure for me.

Have a good day!

I'd like to nominate @delishtreats. She writes the most wonderful travel posts about her adventures in Europe. When reading them, I feel as if I have my very own personal tour guide taking me around the sites. Her grammar is impeccable and she posts great photos too! @delishtreats is active in the community, participating in #steemitbloggers as well as the #archisteem 1001 Places Project as an editor. If anyone deserves more recognition for their hard work, it's @delishtreats.

I agree....great posts!

Thank you so much!

Thank you for your support, Jen!

No problem. You're amazing! It's just what you do. :-)

Added, thank you for the recommendation!


Added, thank you for the recommendation!

thank you for the add.

@enjar (Whoops don't vote already whitelisted)

I think @iguazi123 should be whitelisted

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Added, thank you for the recommendation!

You are welcome

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Greetings, I think @sweettais should be included on the white list, is a very talented artist and is always creating good content.

Added, thank you for the recommendation!

Hi @acidyo i recommended @rijalaronaceh to be whitelisted,
He is a teacher who teaches many students in several places. But he also writes in Steemit about education, advice, motivation and inspiration, every time he teaches, he always makes online streaming videos on Facebook, try checking Facebook and YouTube, you will find hundreds of Rijalaron. Just type rijalaron on Google and we will find thousands of names on the internet.
Try checking.
Thank you very much for supporting the productive Steemian through OCDB.
Hopefully we always succeed.

Added, thank you for the recommendation!

Oke.. Thank you so much @acidyo . Congratulations you have chosen the right people ... I really support you and @ocdb in helping people who are worthy.

And Congratulations to @rijalaronaceh . You are now in Great community : Ocd - Ocdb.

I recommend @chappertron because he writes very informative scientific Posts with a lot of passion.

Hey Thanks for the Suggestion.

Got ya later


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Thank you so much sweetie ❤️😍

You're so welcome!

Of course !I am in favour to recommend @bigpanda

Thanks for the recommendation. I would love to be a part of @OCD.

Hi there! I want to recommend user @solominer - it is a man with passion - interested in many aspects of Crypto-world as well as in mineralogy and geology, about which he is doing a movies. Also he has some interesting and original collection of photographs.


thanks again for doing this, looking forward to being part of the community.

Please whitelist @Uyobong. A great writer, yet, he gets meagre votes. Thank you

I recommend @evegrace. She has great potentials for authorship in STeemit

@shasta, she works mostly in the photography area, supporting contest by providing entries and upvotes and comments. She has also been selected to be a guest judge on one of @melinda010100 shadow contest.

I recommend @Uyobong. He is a wonderful writer who is versatile in many subjects and has lofty ideas for Steemit.

I support the recommendation of @Uyobong. He invited me to steemit and is a great writer. He is creative and passionate about writing. His last post on communities was quite amazing, yet, he gets undervalued votes

I nominate @kolaolabode he's a passionate photographer even after we all gave up on writing because we were no more getting upvotes he kept on with his blogs consistently

Yes that's true @kolaolqbode's a true believer of the steeemit community

I haven't been posting for a while now Coz I got frustrated with the fact that I wasn't getting rewards anymore and it was becoming more like a waste of time. But I hope to start again with this new innovation here.

Anyways I have a friend who is a great writer but her blog is as dry as a desert and I really feel for her. Her challenge is posting restriction due to very low resource credit coz she doesn't have much steem power. I have sent her a couple of steems to power up but it didn't go through. I would love for her to be whitelisted to assist her get rewards for what she enjoyed doing .

Her username is @somto6

A transfer didn't go through? That shouldn't happen...
Btw, you can also power up for someone else (there's an advanced option in the power up modal)

No, I said a power up on her end didn't go through...I didn't know it was possible to power up for someone. Would the steem be removed from my account or from the persons account Coz I sent her about 40steem.

Okay, I see. Unfortunately a power up requires RC too.
If course you'd power up from your balance, wouldn't be good if you could force others too power up their own balance :D

Hehehe owk I would ask her to try powering up when her RC gets filled up. I guess the low RC coult have added to the difficulty.

G'day mate, I'd like to suggest @papacrusher for the whitelist. He writes a selection of practical and pragmatic posts along with some very thoughtful pieces.

Thank you.

Added, thanks!

Grazie mille, a worthy addition I think. :)

I nominate @ferrate to be whitelisted.
He's a newbie, dedicated and writes original content.

I am nominating @Ifeoluwa88 she is an active steemian and engages in most of the communities in Steem Blockchain. She is a hard working Steemian and is growing her user base in here. Not only that she is active in most of the discord server communicates well . Doing the things that she is doing best making a bond between community users.

Recomiendo a mí amigo @lanzjoseg

and as you can see the list White to check if the person I want to nominate is not on that list? I give the link you left and i'm not the sample.

29th of Monday

or 29th of October ?

Yes. :D

Edited, thanks. :)

What a good initiative and entrepreneurship, nomino a @blessed-girl , she is a girl who publishes good post (in my opinion) in English and Spanish.

I think @marillaanne should be whitelisted. She creates original fractal art and blog about daily life in a very descriptive manner. Though she doesn't post often, her post is something to look forward to.

Added, thanks!

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Sir @acidyo can i recommend my friend? He is good writter and good steemian. @ziapase.

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@taskmaster4450 ofc! His spot on Steem based content deserves much more visibility!

Well lets start again :D
I would recommend @manorvillemike He has about 10 cats and taking care about all of them. He makes nice outdoor photos and introduces new places in his neighborhood.

Please only one author per comment, else it will complicate the decision making process.

OK I will choose @manorvillemike because he writes good posts, but not getting enough upvotes and visibility.

Alright, you can post more comments just one author per. :)

OK great! Will do that :D

I would love @xawi to be whitelisted, she blog about things happening in her surroundings, she blogs on ulog and she Writes well

Hi acidyo, I nominate @Ifeoluwa88. She is such an inspiring writer.

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Hi @acidyo. I recommend @blanchy to go onto the white list.

Added, thanks!

@bigpanda writes amazing science fiction stories and also information about bees and other topics.

@hazem91 He write very good poetry and might have a chance here to be more visible :D

You might wanna take a closer look at this Steemian's page: @satorid
Always intriguing and he's not whitelisted yet :>)

Have an awesome ( rest of the ) day!

Whitelisted, thanks for the tip

De nada
You're welcome :>)

@gotmeens as he's certainly not my alt account.

I recommend @minloulou to add in whitelist!! He shares many useful information and restaurants!! His posts are worth to recommend to others and higher value!!

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Great idea so you can help others get ahead.

We need more whitelist bots like this - the abuse is rampant - thanks for setting a good example @acidyo :)

I recommend this upcoming, yet, unique writer @Evegrace. Supporting her content will make her stand out. Thanks @acidyo for this opportunity.

I would like to nominate @uyobong. He is a writer with passion and he loves what he does here.

I support this nomination, @Uyobong is giving in a good percentage of his time for steemit and he is determined to make impact here. His writing prowess coupled with analytic skill is amazing.

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

Sir I would like to nominate @udezee . he is a nice friend of mine and he is very active in this platform. He likes to help others.

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One on hand I understand 'not yourself' rule, on the other hand I believe it doesn't support the idea that much. It's not that difficult to have your friend vote for you, which I believe is still not the point of idea of whitelisting, while emerging and worthwhile authors might still have struggle to be seen. Anyway as I think it's still a great idea for the community I want to select
@fotomindo for whitelist. He's a professional photographer with good skill, still lacking some exposure.

I'm pretty sure everyone I would recommend has likely been curated by OCD before. Sadly we haven't gotten a ton of new users lately that have stood out to me. But good luck!

One and only @apsu

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I recommend: @zephalexia
She is very active in writing and helping the community.

wow!!! captain @schamangerbert , you make me so happy tonight , you are auch a blessing to me . thank you sooo much captain , love you always ❤️❤️❤️

Added, thanks!

💞thank you very much! 😍

Hey @acidyo, I recommend @grampo - outstanding presentations, currently little known.

I nominate @ferrate because he is a steemian whose blogs show great promise..

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