Changes to the OCD structure and payouts

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Many of you are already aware of the @ocd project which stands for Operation Curation Delegation and was one of my inventions back when I received delegated stake to curate with. Its goal ever since the beginning has been to find and reward newcomer authors that write quality original content and have been overlooked by most since there is also a lot of spam on the Steem network with the increasing user-base.

I am very proud of this project and so happy to have found amazing curators to help it grow and become one of the biggest curation projects on the platform. We have ever since the beginning been striving for transparency and that's also why the new changes will be written in this post so that anyone can see them.

First off, a short rundown of how the project has been working so far for the curators.

A curator in the team finds an undervalued post, he/she then proceeds to nominate the author by asking if they are okay with one of their images and a description to their post having a chance of being added to the daily compilation post which is posted on the @ocd account and gains more visibility and rewards from our curators. If the author agrees the curator then places the post on a discord channel where all of the other curators involved in the project vote on the nominations to be used the next day.

The nominations in questions are often under $10 post reward value and get curated up to $20, this has of course differed over time as prices swing and SBD being crazy it has also meant that the nominations often get a lot more than $20 rewards, but our goal has been to always reward the authors more than what the curators make through the compilation post for finding it.

Initially my goal with the project was to receive some delegation so the curators wouldn't need the extra incentive from post rewards but could share the curation rewards instead, since that hasn't happened (yet at least) we have continued posting 2 compilation posts a day, one for 10 english posts and the other for 10 international native posts. If this changes we will of course adapt with it. The curators have received 75% of the post rewards, the remaining 25% have belonged to me and remained with the @ocd account. This was initially set up to help me receive some rewards back from the sacrifice that my curation on older posts and being the last curator caused when running a curation trail which didn't follow on posts older than 1 day which most of the nominations consist of, but since the price of Steem has increased a lot it was about time for a change which I will bring up later in the post.

The way the nominations have functioned have left a lot of leeway for curators from other projects to swoop in and find an undervalued and qualified post through our curators to use in other curation projects and profit from very little work, we have noticed this happen a lot during the past. We wanted to check out if there are certain curators doing it more often than others to notice if it was by mistake or not but we figured the trouble was not worth the effort as our combined goals are to reward the authors no matter what way it happened. To minimize the risk of this happening we are instead changing the way we nominate and since there have been no authors in the past denying a nomination from @ocd we believe that it will work this way too - more on this on the changes below.

The changes in how we nominate

Instead of asking first and nominating and posting after, we will instead start nominating posts in our "ocd-curators-only" discord server and after the compilation posts we will notify the authors about it and they will have up to 7 days time to let us know if they want their image and description of their nominated post revoked from the compilation post.

This change will make our curators life a lot easier as they won't have to wait for an answer which often takes a lot of time or never happens due to the notifications on the site not working and the nominations being sniped from curators of other projects.

Changes in amount of daily nominations

Currently with about 15 english curators and 20 language ones we have only added 10 english nominations to the compilation posts and the same amount to language posts, this has resulted in many curators having had to skip certain days and the language curators having to add their nominations every other day and co-operating with the other one from the same language.

With the recent price changes we want to grow the project but we also need to keep in mind that voting power is not limitless, but getting the nominations up to $20 has become easier for our curators due to the price changes and we believe we are ready to double the amount of daily nominations and adding some more curators to the team to make sure we have full compilation posts daily.

Changes in voting power going towards compilation posts and nominations

Since the beginning I have been striving to vote a solid 10% vote per nomination of a curator's rewards and give the authors between 2-2.5x more rewards. Things have changed lately due to us being 2 manual curators with more stake covering the posts now and with the price increase we are changing it to 5% now and it will fit well with getting the nominations up to $20. This might at first look like the curators will receive a lot less rewards for their curation, but with the changes below and them having been "overpaid" a bit as of late due to the price changes I believe we will find a nice equilibrium considering they will also have an increased chance of their nomination making it to the compilation post.

Changes in reward distribution of the team

Post rewards will now go 100% to the curators in the team, up from 75%. Before this I have been receiving 25% of the SP from the post rewards, even though the 50% SP has not been a lot lately considering the value of the other half of the posts being in SBD this change is to help grow the project even more with curators and being able to cover more undervalued posts in the future and incentivize the curators which is needed if you've followed the recent debates how curation rewards are not as effective as post rewards.

Looking at @ocd's latest payouts, SP being around 180 a week, this will increase the curators stake in the project which I'm glad many have left there to grow as they believe in the value of Steem going up as much as most of us others do.

Curation rewards will now instead go 100% towards me, up from 50%. Curation rewards from the @ocd account have been about 30 SP weekly of which I have been receiving 50% of which also have remained on the @ocd account. My plans in the future are to continue delegating to the account from my own SP and this way instead front-run some of the bigger votes going to nominations for once which are mainly being cast by me and @anomadsoul.

The net change would be a loss of 90 SP weekly for me from the post rewards and a gain of 15 SP weekly from the curation rewards. These changes here will rely on if the project receives any other delegation from other users and will be adjusted accordingly when that time comes.

Changes in stakes and re-steems

We have had a few special cases in the project where we have awarded extra stakes to curators in the team doing different jobs, the stakes have been tied to the total SP of the curators in the @ocd account and have gone towards those curating the 3 re-steems a day, one curator having the job as an accountant keeping the distribution updated and one making sure that all nominations are original and not plagiarized. This has resulted in some of the SP being diluted over time and giving a slight edge to newcomers earning stakes this way.

To combat this we will be resetting the stakes quarterly so that the SP gained during a quarter will remain the same amount for life-time as long as the curators are in the project and have their SP within the @ocd account. Since the re-steems have been the major influencer to the dilution we will now start rewarding the re-steem comments with some post rewards to make up for the dilution and incentivize the curation of re-steems too. We will also be posting the weekly updates of stakes and rewards on a specific account and rewarding the accountant with some post rewards that way instead of receiving stakes.

The daily re-steems will increase from 3 to 6 once these changes take effect and will be increased over time as the project grows with curators, so make sure to tag your posts with #ocd-resteem for a chance to be curated by us but bear in mind that an author can only get re-steemed once a month. If you do receive a re-steem from us you'll make our job a lot easier by refraining from tagging it again for a month.

These are all the major changes and we will be discussing with the team when they will take effect. I haven't talked about many of these with the team yet, but I am sure they will like most of these changes as it helps both them to do their work easier and to cover more undervalued authors daily.

Keep a look out on my future posts as I will be searching for some more curators to add to the project and hopefully soon more languages as well.

Thanks for reading and all of the positive feedback you've given to the project!

[Image from Pixabay.]


Hey @acidyo. Thank you!

I joined Steemit a bit more than 2 weeks ago and nothing got me so excited when 1 one of my posts got curated almost to 100$. FUUUCK That was just something <3

I don't think it was your trail & your curators, but the fact that there are people who are searching for quality content & incentivizing it, is priceless.

Because when I was joining Steemit, that was my big skepticism, that people just gonna come here and flood platform with spam/junk posts junk to earn some $$$.

So, just wanted to say thank you for what you doing for community and minnows. Gonna sound cheesy, but every day getting more & more motivated to create after seeing this kind of posts! fist (1).png

#ocd is an amazing project and I will be forever grateful for being picked out and promoted in one of the earliest editions.
The work you guys do in promoting the little guys is indeed important and along with #msp is the sole reason many writers like myself got spotted in the crowd.
Keep up the great work, you have every right to feel proud of what you've achieved so far.

These seem sensible decisions and changes, keep rocking team OCD! Curation is THE MOST IMPORTANT aspect of rewarding quality content on this platform and the highest goal you can set.

If there's every anything I could do to help, just let me know. Cheers!

Within a month, arriving at steemit, I realized that here do not appreciate written posts!!!If you do not have the means, you will get $ 0.01... And it's all sad!Because there is no justice here!Whales do not forget about beginners!?


It helps when words and sentences make sense. Also, attitude towards the platform is a very important factor.

The platform turned into a goal for earning $..

I've been around here since June and I'm still learning everyday new things about this platform. There is much more to it then just earning money, that is for sure :)

I like to think that Steem is bigger than all of us here combined.

I used Reddit in the past a lot even though I wasn't earning anything, I used it cause it was the best source for information compared to all other platforms. Steem is just getting started and with the incentive to also get rewarded for being the best to write about what others are interested in will make us the leading platform of useful information in no time.

Yes, I think studying here is not necessary if there are means.

70% do so.This is sad!!!

During this conversation I was really hoping to find a comment of yours to upvote and encourage you a little. Sadly I cannot understand what you say or what you are trying to say. If you want to succeed here, my advice would be to try to contribute what you can to the community.

I wish you all the best!

Everyone is here to make money, eventually the site might grow enough to where people use it for purposes other than to try and make money. If you are trying to make money I recommend you not try to post without first investigating which curation teams vote on what types of posts, and try to tailor your post to get votes from them instead of just trying to write general things without a large following to vote on it. It's nearly impossible to make money that way. Also, as a new user you should just comment to gain visibility, very few people look at posts that aren't already voted on.

And like acidyo and you have said, people don't use this site if they already make their money from other sources because the information available on this site isn't very broad for most topics other than... how to make money on steemit, lol. If you're new here then I recommend you spend more time reading than writing, and find out how others make money.

And yes, lots of it, if not most, has to do with getting in early or having lots of money to begin with, but there are definitely approaches that can eventually yield results if you are smart about it.

I disagree with you on this, there are many goals you can achieve here on Steemit. If you feel saddening about the 70% that has its only goal to earn money, be aware that a big chunk of that 70% is in desperate need of money. Keep in mind that there are many poor world countries that participate here on the platform, to them, 0,01 cent is -a lot of money-, also if you are truly saddened by it, or jealous, you can contribute by showing how you would like to use the platform and use your own power and knowledge to tutor in a decent and positive way.

I am starting my 2nd month here on Steemit, and the platform has been generous to me, yet in the 'fiat' world, I would earn 10x as much if I would put the same effort in it. Yet I tend to draw my attention to a platform that is based on giving and contributing instead of taking and scamming. I am a beginner, and I would like to point out that the 'whales' (people (thank you very much) who put in a lot of effort or just have the bank capacity to invest into this platform) do pay attention to newcomers, click on my profile and see for yourself.

My first personal thoughts what made me think that Steemit could be interesting for me, were to publish my work on a platform that would value my work in percentages, not desperately in FIAT money or SBD. Like I said before: 0,01 SBD can be -a lot- of money depending on where you are from. This way I could see the reality how people would rate my work. Most of my work is underrated, but that is ego and greed. If you forget all about the money and earnings, you will have a flat layed-out base of how many -people- are interested in your work. My thoughts changed after 1 month of "hard work" that I have put into my posts. I have many skills and talents that I normally charge money for. With the same knowledge offered for free, I can contribute to this still -very young platform and hopefully level with the platform, instead of leeching from the platform and reward pools.

In this case, I have up-voted your comment to see if you are just here for the money or are actually willing to contribute to the platform. I'd love to hear your thoughts about this opinion.

Sorry my clumsy English!I understand that you have invested a lot in your posts.. But how much would they cost without bots?How much will you get for it?0.10$-0.20$???Sorry if I offended you!I just wanted to explain that everyone is writing comments in order to make money...

Do not worry about your English. Have I written this comment in order to make money? I don't think so. I hope you understand the most out of the comments and blog post. I have paid one time in a bot "BuildingAWhale" to see how it works and what it would do. It's useless. I guess you need money?

We can not understand each other!)Sorry again, I did not want to offend anyone!

Really thoughtful reply @rubencress. Yeah, I think it is a lot about learning to be generous. Not letting your ego get in the way...

If this is all we get out of steemit, then it has been a success :)

Also, I'd like to point out that your post contains photographs whose authorship you do not own. Neither have you placed a reference to the photographer and source, which are both mandatory. Would you give me 1000 credits/likes/money for publishing work I do not own, have created myself? I do not think so. I have written a blog post about copyright you might want to dive into before increasing the chance for you to get flagged or downvoted for plagiarism.

My contribution to improving your posts. Enjoy the read :-)

Not to gang up, but this is funny.

I am very proud of this project and so happy to have found amazing curators to help it grow and become one of the biggest curation projects on the platform.

Wow so you were the brain behind the OCD project @acidyo. I have always know there was more to you than meets the eye. Ocd has been a success I must say and you have done a good job with the project .

thanks for you profound support for minnows. We really appreciate you.

I have not really interacted with anyone that is as passionate about steemit as acidyo. Not saying they don't exist, perhaps they are not as accessible.

Awesome updates, it surely isn't easie for the curators and the amount of posts they have to go threw. Good job, Thank you very much for your work, dedication and help.

Amazing team, have a great day, Steem on! :)

You’ve built the best curation model on steemit dude. Keep it up. I’m all for curators having it easier or getting a bit more reward for their work. I’m all for rewarding curators well when they are curating undervalued material and that’s exactly what you and the OCD team has been doing.

An great opportunity to help many more steemians, and it is right in time when we're seeing a rapid influx of minnows. Looking forward to welcome the new curators into the family. @ocd just keeps on rocking!
go team @ocd \m/

This project seems to be going really well since the day it has started. I like the changes you are making here. Since the SBD prices are really high, most curated people get a lot of nice rewards and that's most likely motivating them to keep posting more content on Steemit!

The ocd-resteem is only for new memebers? Or can a member like me use it as well?

We mainly curate users who on average don't make a lot of rewards on posts, if you're under $10 you should qualify.

Thanks, this is great news

Congrats on continued growth for the project! OCD has some of the most awesome curators I've had the pleasure of meeting on the platform! People with a passion for finding diamonds in the rough!

All of these changes make sense. The changes being necessary because of sniping makes me a bit sad, but the change itself makes sense. Who is really going to turn down being curated?

Keep up the excellent work! Hope to see some big players step up and add delegation to give OCD the ability to offer bigger rewards to under appreciated content creators, and helping OCD to grow!

Rock on!

Thanks for having such good project!

Why don't you invite other guys to delegate to @OCD?
If you ask for it I guess some would be happy to do it.

This is so great! You got the great point here......

Changes to the OCD structure and payouts will obviously great, thank u so much for share this one @acidyo

Very good post thanks for sharing keep up the good work, on steemit.

Very nice post Sir @acidyo, with a program like this I am sure will provide a very positive impact for the user steemit, especially for the newly merged in steemit. As we know to the curator is indeed very necessary here. As you said is Sir @anomadsoul, I've been there a couple of times following the contest that he created, and was impressed. To be honest I really appreciate the existence of the curator of the OCD. Hope I will forward more candidates curators can provide support to all steemian's.

good job here, I hope the project extends to Africa too.

I'm quite happy with the new policies and ideas as well as thanges the OCD team is putting in place. Rewarding curation based on quality contents would make a lot of steemians sit up, review their post, reduce spam messages and further promote engagement.

I support this. IMG_20180212_101230_426.JPG

Thanks @acidyo for sharing

Everything sounds good, Acidyo
We appreciate your work

I love how Steemit seems pretty dense with intelligent people and a real sense of community. The rest of the internet has far too many divisive fools.

This is a good ideal. This will be of a great help and of a good effect.

You’ve built the best curation model on steemit dude. Keep it up. I’m all for curators having it easier or getting a bit more reward for their work. I’m all for rewarding curators well when they are curating undervalued material and that’s exactly what you and the OCD team has been doing.

Kudos to ocd

I joined steemit not too long ago and i didn't knew this existed! I've seen post with the tag you mention but didn't know what was behind it. To participate all you need to do is add that tag to your post and it will qualify for it? I'll go dig around to look for a post describing how this works if there's one :-D

In theory you should only tag your very best posts with the ocd-resteem tag. In practice, many people tag everything they post with the tag in hopes of getting noticed. I guess that works if everything you post is the best thing ever, but I know for myself, and probably most people, some of my posts are shit, so probably better to use the tag sparingly. ;-)

Thanks, i will keep that in mind!

Keeps getting better!

Hopefully one day I'll be nominated!

cool man ! that great you take chabges in Post rewards will now go 100% to the curators in the team, up from 75%. Before this I have been receiving 25% of the SP from the post rewards, even though the 50% SP! thanks for updating and changes! best of luck sir!

@acidyo thank you are post great article

I think this is the great decision . OCD team really able for thanks from us.

A question please! How i can be delegated by the @ocd?

Your kindness will come back to you. You are doing a lot to develop our platform. I am grateful to you for this. Good luck to you.

Ваша доброта обязательно вам вернется. Вы делаете очень много для развития нашей платформы. Я благодарен Вам за это. Удачи Вам.

If I understand correctly nothing major has changed regarding the ocd-resteem process.

No, only doubling the amount of re-steems and the stake distribution towards them for the curators.

wow nice new id plz upvote

Thanx for this this update. I didnt even know this was possible. I will keep it in mind and use it in the future. I myself am also some kinda poetic writer. I will use this for my latest post. Once again thanx. Will keep follow and upvote

Wow. The ocd project is a wonderful one. A great initiative. I hope the updates makes it better for everyone.

Very interesting project. btw, how to be currated by OCD team?

Shoutout @ocd team. This is very helpful for the underground artists out there. This is quite the selfless service yall pushing..

Its nice to see there's people here who value hard work. I wrote several blog posts here that took me hours upon hours to write, only to realize I got rewarded nothing for it, all the while spammers make $50 for a single post of pure garbage.

Its a huge deterrent now for me to spend 5 or 6 hours writing an article just so some spammer can get rewarded and my content gets no visibility. I'm now spending more time doing videos on DTube instead.

This platform doesn't value hard work or creative writing, just spammers. All it takes is one quick look at the Hot or Trending categories to see half the content there is pure spam.

I wrote by opinion on the discord server already, but for transparancy I will repeat it here.

I don't like the idea of 2x more resteem because it spamms the feed of a person a lot and since you can't filter your feed by resteem and not, i don't think it is a good idea.

And will we now nominate 2 times a day Or will there be simply be 2 times more Curators?

What will happen with the @ocd-witness?

And I will need a new german curator then.

@mk40 said in the discord chanel he would do the cut of the stakes each week and not each quarter.

But I still like the change, because it helps more minnows this way, even if we earn less. And the change with nominationis amazing.

Thank you, @acidyo, for the transparency of this post — thus far, curation rewards & how they operate have remained something of a mystery.

Thanks, too, to you & wonderful crew for the gems you unearth & hard work that goes into it.

As a reader and writer, I’m grateful for you/ocd 🙏🏼

an interesting article, because I'm still a beginner then I was not clear who are the curators. Here everything is very explainable, thanks to the project @ OСD.

This is good to hear and will benefit a lot of the curators and number of people that will be showcased in OCD.

I myself was helped by OCD when I started out and I have always paid it forward by helping other people upping their quality so they too can experience the life changing feeling of being OCD.

paylaşımı beğendim ayrıca steemite teşekkürler

Thank you for the information @acidyo, although i have not benefitted from this project yet, but i do well to commend you on the hardwork and consistency, having seen my fellow steemit bloggers, gaining from here, it gives me hope that my time is drawing near...thank you @acidyo

Keep inspiring @ocd. We from the Philippines fully support you!!

I am tremendously happy to find a platform like ocd in Steemit. Hope to get noticed by you some day. It is a perfect beginning to a perfect life and world. It's awesome.

Having just joined and being somewhat overwhelmed with the learning curve, yes this is a great idea. Its too easy to get swamped and hidden by spammy posts, which can be frustrating for artists like ourselves. Thank you!

i like this, it is a proper platform that does not make us leave it

The community here is top notch compared to other sites one could use. I've enjoyed becoming a part of it and in the beginning thought of the wallet lots but have learned that the wallet takes care of itself as one grows here. Excellent project by the way......... That's another thing about steemit that makes it superior IMO. I thank each and every one of you!

I hope someday I can get lucky with this project and see one of my posts included in this curators project.
I´m using Bots to get some rewards on my posts, but later not even the upvotes from bots are being worth.

All of this changes will only make this awesome project even greater!!

Me parece muy bien esos cambios, estaré pendiente para etiquetar mis post.

It's awesome to see that we're looking at rewarding even more undervalued posts. Excited about the changes and the potential of new things to come! Can't wait to see what else the rest of this year holds for @ocd.

good informations

need funds go in please

This is very good for earning $. Thanks for share.

Just found out an author can only get re-steemed once a month, my apology as I was using the tag on all my post lately. But it does feels good to be recognized by you as my post normally get less than $1.00, which means not many views.

Hey @Acidyo, I'd like to contribute something to OCD, all of you are doing a great job, and there should be more people who should vote for OCD-witness as a witness when I have finished some projects, I'll upload/publish a proposal :-)

Yeah, it should be much easier when curators won't have to ask if they can nominate someone or not before even knowing if creators will be added to the next OCD shoutout.

This is a wonderful project, with the increase of users in this platform, quality posts are being undervalued. Curation projects are always the best bet to help out.
I will definitely love to be part of the team.

The nobility of this gesture is just simply mindblowing!

Curation is the SOUL of a project like steemit. I just hope amazing initiatives like this one could be protected, reproduced and given the public recognition they deserve.

THANK YOU for this.

best regards from me @ suhadi-gayo from indonesia hope you can be the best friend for me in this world of steemit, so i also in time will be able to achieve success like you. Obviously with patience and continuously build relationships with true steemans from different parts of the country

The party's pretty ads

How do I get started? By joining the discord? I believe I put a lot of effort into my posts and they do not get recognized as much as they should. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

i like it, Yes live with hope. We need that!
resteem u

Thanks @acidyo for providing this clarity! I have a question. You mention not to use the ocd-resteem tag for at least a month after getting a ocd-resteem, to make life easier for the team. I fully understand that! However, I also use the ocd-resteem tag to search for quality posts here on Steemit and I use the tag for my posts for the same reason, because I think others looking for quality posts might find mine by searching for that tag. Do you feel that is a wrong way of using tags? Any suggestion on how to use tags better, which both reflects content AND makes a post more visible?

Does travel and fantasy writing fits in OCD curation?

When I first saw what @ocd was capable of, I was marveled at how many people they've reached.
It's of course the best curating body that votes based on quality and not limited to country or tags.
@acidyo I'm happy with the latest enhancement.
Minnows support, have been better with this project.
Thank you @acidyo

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