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If you happened to read my latest post, I mentioned that I will be starting something more fair to curate and reward active, original content authors from Venezuela. There is a void there lately where the current active curation is not filling it fairly so I wanted to come up with a way on how we could instead. Before getting into the details I want to mention that this won't be a "charity" as some users in the comment section of last post translated it or the project that lead to this pretended to be. Our curation will be in a strict line with the other OCD compilation posts where effort, activity, marketing and quality will matter. Luckily we still have a few spanish curators in OCD who will keep an eye on things and help our newest Venezuelan curator get going.

Without further ado, welcome our newest curator to OCD: @yonnathang! He was an easy choice as I've had an eye on his activity lately all around the platform and I am sure he will do a great job at it!

He will be actively looking for posts from Venezuelan authors to curate, these posts will be submitted to our Discord, checked for plagiarism, quality, frequency of curation on the author among other things (most of these points will improve over time). These posts will then be curated with the OCD accounts.

After he has amassed a good amount of curated posts, he will write a compilation posts highlighting the authors on our @ocd account. Similar to the OCD compilation posts, 100% of the rewards will go towards the author & curator which for now is only @yonnathang so he'll be added as beneficiary to simplify the process as we have a stake system for the SP usually.

To be curated is not just about making a few good posts per week and try to earn as much as possible on them. Steem is an open source platform where activity and effort are rewarded as well, you help the ecosystem out with content, interaction, marketing and onboarding and it will help you back. With #newsteem this will hopefully become even more fair and distributed widely and we hope that OCD is taking another step in the right direction with this initiative.

We have a lot of more news and additions coming up as we are scaling faster than we expected, similar to how the EIP is changing the platform. Thanks for reading and look out for those new updates soon. :)

PS! If someone wants to translate this post into spanish for their readers, please leave me a comment and reserve the right to do so (instead of many starting the translation all at once) and after you get a response and post it we'll reward you with a vote. Thanks!

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Very good move, but this would be even better if is not only for one country, the spanish-speaking community is sooooo big. And this is of course my personal oppinion :)

Oh, and if you need this post in Spanish you know you just need to tell me!

Yes, we understand there is a need for more language curation and we are working hard on bringing it back to OCD in the near future one step at a time. :)

Someone already offered to translate it so maybe you can take the next one. :D

Nice! And ok, whenever you need it just let me know, I can do it for free :P

This is amazing! It's a very smart and really admirable way to support my Venezuelan brothers who make quality content here (they are many, really).

Thank you so much for supporting us in this way, for many it means an amazing financial support and you, OCD, become an incredible help to their lives.

I repeat, thank you so much. All the best for you

Fantastic move. I think that this is what really needed to happen in this case and hopefully as time goes on the Vene community will grow and have th stake together to support each other more too. There are a few great writers and personalities that I have come across from Vene over the years.

Yeah, we are hoping together with this to also strengthen our onboarding initiative, will need to find a few more locals we can trust though and that will take some time. @yonnathang seems like an excellent choice so far!

This is a move in the right direction. Thank you for taking the initiative.

Excellent news, I like that Venezuelans are being taken into account, I am sure that a good job will be done and you will really enjoy the publications.
To opt for curatorship, do you have to use a specific tag? such as OCD or Venezuela? Should they be publications only in Spanish or do they also accept English post?

You opt for curation by posting on Steem :) we don't force people to use certain tags

Great job! I am happy to see this post

What about the other Hispanic countries, like Mexico, Spain, Bolivia, Guatemala, etc, we all speak Spanish

Yes that is correct, for now it's not called OCD Spanish but in the near future it might be.

OCD is more than awesome! Welcome to all Venezuelans and to our new curator! <3

My words were heard, thank you very much, although my wish was not heard, but no matter, the important thing is that this is happening right now and I am very proud of @ocd, I have always been. A million thanks for this, I was anxiously waiting for two years I have in steemit. crying T.T

T H A N K S!!

@yonnathang You have a responsibility I've wanted to have, many successes for you.

P.S: I can translate. :)

Thanks for translating and I'm sure we will need some more curators soon. :)

I finish cooking and start working on the translation, and yes, my dream is already something obvious, so I'm on order :)

Thank you!

I consider all the projects I have seen born with #NewSteem to be quite positive. I am sure that the community that will be built from now will be much healthier and kinder to the new members.

I am very pleased with the announcement of this project, I feel that it will help our community a lot. I hope you will continue to grow more and more and in the future I will be able to help you, you can count on me :)


@ocd why you making flag on my posts?

Bid bots.

Almost all trending posts are by bidbots and they are worth of 100 plus usd, but you don't even dare to downvote them?

why you don't downvote them ?

I just downvoted one, why do you think my downvote mana is empty.

From fifteen months we are making four daily posts, and we are in huge loss, cannot understand how to survive?

It is an honor to belong to this excellent team, recognized for its great work.

I will work to live up to the commitment.

Total thanks to @acidyo.

Thank you!

~Smartsteem Curation Team

Congratulations! @yonnathang

Thanks buddy!

Yeah! I like it <3, I have a question, will vote posts in Spanish?

Hi! I suppose if the project is aimed at the Venezuelan community, it will help content in Spanish.

We're all Steem!

Sounds like a cool system to help out people in a much needed part of the world. I'm sure they will benefit and appreciate it alot.

Interesting :)

Excellent initiative!

Hola acidyo,

Tu post ha sido seleccionado por el bot de @provenezuela, te hemos dado un voto en apoyo a los autores venezolanos!

Gracias por ser parte de nuestra comunidad!

It is an excellent announcement for all of us Venezuelans. I really appreciate the initiative. Regarding the translation of the post into Spanish, I could do it without problems. you just let me know !! Thanks again!!

It's really great news for us, the Venezuelans who make life on the platform. I congratulate you on your goodwill and initiative. if you don't mind. I could do the translation. Thank you very much for your support!

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I am so pleased with this choice you have made! I notice that he is a guy with a desire to do things well and get ahead, besides he is a new and fresh face, not involved in other curation projects, and will give an oxygenation to this community. Applause!

hola, estoy muy contenta porque he visto el trabajo de este usuario y creo que le dedica mucho tiempo y esfuerzo para lograr buenos resultados, tambien siempre esta atento en ayudar a los que como yo estamos un poco perdidos en ciertos puntos de la plataforma y sus mas recientes actualizaciones, demuestra espiritu de compañerismo y atento siempre en resolver cualquier duda en buen tiempo. de verdad los felicito por tener entre ustedes un excelente curador, le auguro lo mejor de los exitos en esta nueva labor que inicia, felicitaciones y que Dios lo bendiga.

por cierto, claro que me gustaria llevar toda esta informacion del posta atodos mis seguidores, si me dan su permiso lo podria publicar, chao y gracias

Go Venezeula go!!!!!!!

Hi @acidyo

Excellent choice I have to congratulate everyone who in one way makes this platform better every day,

I am interested in the proposal to make the translation ..

I send you great greetings from Venezuela, crossing the oceans.

Muchas gracias Acid :)

Excellent initiative, I'm very happy

Hey, @acidyo :) Has anyone translated it yet? May I?

Thanks for your true good intentions. Much appreciated :)