My photo diary #1

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It is always fun to take photos probably in a stage like mine when you know little about photography and any photo you take you are satisfied with it. From yesterday I am roaming around with the camera and taking photos whatever I can see in from. So, Here are some.



This bird was coming towards me at a very high speed. So, I tried to take a froze it in time and space.


I live in this country for around 7 years but still don't know the name of this tree but I love how different it is and how vibrant it is.


I always love to see women at the workplaces. It reminds me of where we came from those dark ages when women were just kept inside and had the responsibility to cook and take care of kids. Women have proved with the time that they can work as good as men, sometimes even better. So, that is it for today. Have a nice day and steem on.

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That tree is gorgeous! It kind of looks like eucalyptus… I’m sure it’s something else just a similar look. The small yellow flowers look like what used to grow on our lawn when I was a little girl. Pretty! Happy Saturday @rifkan!

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