First time working with a team of professionals

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A couple of weeks ago I was approached by an amazing Romanian musician based in UK with a proposal of joining an international team of professionals to make a documentary film about the last traditional flute players in Transylvania. Of course I said yes and a few days later I was meeting the team in Sureanu Mountains.

My job was to assist two times Grammy nominee, Ben Cole, who is an amazing filmmaker, cinematographer and all around a great person to be around with setting up the cameras, composing the frames, scouting for locations, operating the drone, filming and photographing details and so on.
We filmed, photographed and recorded 9 traditional artists with ages between 74-91 years old.

Parts of the recordings will me mixed, remixed by Wes Maebe and Jules Dickens for the project "Muzica without frontiers".

Assisting Ben meant a lot for me as I had the opportunity to learn a lot of things about filmmaking from someone who spent his life in the industry.

Here are some of the images I am able to share that I shot during this project.






This project is very close to a project idea I have so I managed to film about an hour of interviews for a short film I want to make for a kickstarter funding campaign so that I can make my vision come true.

Here's a 30 sec sequence that I managed to put together yesterday. It's a hard cut, ungraded and a bit ruff around the edges but it's a work in progress.


Superb. Especially that night photo with the violin players in the smoke and the sparks of the fire. May you have good fortune with the project, man. ;)

Thanks so much Vlad! I'll need every bit of it. I like the portrait of the old man. You can see the pure serenity on his face. Makes me feel so nice every time I look at it :)

beautiful project and absolute quality content! I love reading stuff like this on Steemit. Keep rockin on.

Thank you so much! It's been a real pleasure working with them on this project

I really couldn't have said it better myself!

Don't foget about, similar to kickstarter but on the Steem Blockchain. Might be something extra.
I like the photographs and I like the video. I will also be showcasing Transylvania to some guys from SteemSTEM in 2 weeks.Always a good way to advertise the country.
Keep it up! Cheers!

Thanks for the info. I'll sure going to check it out. I'm still refining the idea but after this experience I have a pretty good idea of what I'm after. Hopefully by the end of august I'll have everything put together and I'm going to launch the funding campaign. If you need any kind of info about this part of Transylvania, give ma a shout on Discord and I'll gladly help.

I will pick them in Sibiu, take them to see the museums (including the Village Museum) and then either go to Alba Iulia and Turda mine or take them to see Deva Fortress and Corvin Castle or maybe even stretch to show them the Sarmizegetusa Regia. They need to get to Craiova so they can depart towards Sofia by rail :D
2 fast days to make an impression..

If you get around this parts (Sarmizegetusa Regia) and need any help, let me know :)

Sure thing, I've been there before, on a few occasions. They made it nice up there following a huge flood a couple of years ago.

It's closed now. I was there on Thursday when it rained heavily and washed the road away trapping a few tourists but I guess that they'll reopen the access in a few days

Hmm, Sibiu. If you've got some spare time for a beer when you're in Sibiu, give me a shout on discord. ;)

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