Mermaid Monday contest week 41 "GLOW"

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Hello everyone!!

I'm really thankful for hosting mermaid Monday and also for you guys! Thank you very much for keeping me going💗 glad that you joined again!!
if you have any questions or like to share your ideas about mermaid monday please let me know!

We start fresh again with a new week.

this week's challenge is "glow"

"You see this and think, "oh no", this is no snow.

Now let's start the show because it's time for us to glow".

A lot of you are working with a digital drawing program and because i like glow so much, why not work with it as a theme!🤗 Go further than your imagination, maybe you don't have digital options to draw but glow in the dark paint? Would be awesome 😍

you can have your own interpretation of art in this catogory
Resteeming and upvoting this post is very much appreciated and helps the prizepool.
Drawing crafting painting anything you like!
Make sure you use #mermaidmonday so that I can find you.
Post the link of this Contest into your entry-post so everyone can find it.
post your entry link into the comment section below this contest-post.
enter with original art made by nobody but YOU.

deadline :monday March 25 10:00 AM GMT +2 (Amsterdam time) Mermaid Monday is all about the fun of drawing,(this week coloring) that's why I like to reward the participants with the art gallery where your work is showcased!

Good to know, the contest post (steem)payout will be saved as a prizepool , so the amount of this post is valuable to you as well!
every week I save 50% the post payout(STEEM) for the contest winners 50% of this will go the 1,2 & 3 winners, so the higher Mermaid Monday contest post gets, the bigger the reward! Prizepool of donations is currently: 4 STEEM From this the winners will get ofcourse I need more than 5 participants.

  • Resteem & art gallery
  1. 0,250
  2. 0,150
  3. 0, 050

all art is made by @nymia.aryn all rights reserved ©

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Coming up in the next posts:

° the art gallery of the mermaid Monday contest week 40 and
° the winners announcement of mermaid Monday contest week 40!

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Way to go!! Keep up the good contest!!